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TownendRobbie.200912.jpg (75319 bytes)
GraysonsPollyPerkins.201001.jpg (138183 bytes)

Townend Robbie (Holland) in the snow.
December 2009
Owners: Jan and Renate Koops

Graysons Polly Perkins age 7
s. Townend Duke III, d. Tunstall Polly
owner and rider Mrs Hazell Kirkham

Rosie, Reg No. FP4257, 
by FP50370C Heltondale Pride III and out of FP1958 Tunstall Beauty IV. 
The photos were taken in August and September 2009.

Rosie.DawnMagicECH.2009.jpg (141638 bytes)
Rosie.2009.006.jpg (105863 bytes)

cross-country ride,
owner Dawn Figg

Danny Figg riding Rosie at a showjumping
rally at East Herts Pony Club

DentviewJoker.sleepy.jpg (86341 bytes)
Dentview Joker 
basks in the sun
at Borrowdale show
September 2009.

CastleHillRaven.HOYS09.jpg (35819 bytes)
Castle Hill Raven
aged 5, s. Castle Hill Jerry, d. Heltondale Princess III,
owned and ridden by Hayley Reynolds,
3rd at HOYS and highest placed Fell pony

HaltcliffSugarPlum.RLAS.2.jpg (60002 bytes)   
 HaltcliffSugarPlum.RLAS.1.jpg (39490 bytes)

Haltcliff Sugar Plum at the Royal Lancashire Show (2009) 
winning The Large Breed M & M 1,2 & 3 yr olds
and then going forward to take the Royal Lancashire Mountain and Moorland Reserve Champion

LittletreeRhianna.jpg (125059 bytes)
Littletree Rhianna
At the NPS Area 4 Show won the 2/3 yr old Fell pony class
and the Fell Pony Championship
Owner: Viv Morris

BanksgateVember.jpg (191803 bytes)
Banksgate Vember
s. Banksgate Jackdaw, d. Townend Candytuft II, f. 20.05.09
owned and bred by Tony and Elyned Ashcroft at Banksgate Stud

StennerskeughFrancesII.2009BreedShow.jpg (33948 bytes)
Stennerskeugh Frances II
Olympia Qualifier and Supreme Ridden Champion
at the 2009 breed show ridden by Emma Woolley

BtackenthwaiteDuke.jpg (171255 bytes)
Yearling Brackenthwaite Duke
Champion Fell Pony penrith 2009
Owned by Mr John Whittam & Mr Robert Relph-Briggs

Kerbeck Night Magic, aged 21, owned by J. E. Clarke
KerbeckNightMagic.DSCF0258.JPG (153779 bytes) KerbeckNightMagic.DSCF0633.JPG (138147 bytes)

Townend Fern
Great Yorkshire Show 2009

TownendFern.008.jpg (42629 bytes)
'hard days work'

TownendFern.012.jpg (44837 bytes)

TownendFern.039.jpg (26713 bytes)
2nd placed mare 4yrs and over

TownendPatience.200906.jpg (123579 bytes)
Townend Patience and Emily Burton
at the Fell and Dales Show winning the NPS peasedown, Junior Champion and over all ridden Champion

CarrockPrincess-BirkettbankPollyanna.jpg (47371 bytes)
Carrock Princess & BirkettBank Pollyanna, Skelton 2009.
Pollyanna awarded Reserve Champion

Carrock Stormbreaker

CarrockStormbreaker.20090528.009.jpg (28623 bytes)

CarrockStormbreaker.20090528.007.jpg (97259 bytes)

CarrockStormbreaker.200906.jpg (115979 bytes)

enjoy his first taste of spring grass    

enjoying the view

NCPA in hand show qualifying for Ponies UK

WaverheadDazzlerII.20090525.jpg (114065 bytes)
Waverhead Dazzler II
winning the Picton qualifying class at N P S Area 5 show on 25 May 09
ridden by Sandra Burton

WoldsPtarmiganII-Beth.jpg (76099 bytes)
Wolds Ptarmigan II
with Beth Hayman 

SleddaleEddie-and-Knillis.jpg (42008 bytes)
Sleddale Eddie & Knillis van Het Westerkwartier (father & son)
owned by the Postma family in the Netherlands

Geordans Briony, 4 year old Fell mare

GeordansBriony.ride.200903.jpg (175521 bytes) 
Sharon Osborne on Briony (at very great speed!)
over a fence at the Canon Pyon fun ride March 09.    (73060 bytes)
came 3rd at the driving trials event, Wales & west Showground March 09. On board is Sharon Osborne driving, and James Broome (National pairs champion) back stepping.

TownendRobbie.0280.jpg (112156 bytes)
Townend Robbie 
Robbie is 17 years old. 
He is one of the oldest stallions which is still used to
serve the mares in Holland.

KolderhoeveGentle.jpg (98228 bytes)
Kolderhoeve Gentle, f. 2002
owned by Martina Rosengren (Sweden) since 2007

TownendFern.2008.jpg (47413 bytes)
Townend Fern Fell, 3 Year old
  Reserve Champion Penrith Show 2008
owned and shown by Robert Relph-Briggs

BrocklebeckBuster.logging.017.jpg (106067 bytes) BrocklebeckBuster.logging.025.jpg (158843 bytes) BrocklebeckBuster.logging.027.jpg (128900 bytes)

Brocklebeck Buster on his first public outing with the Midlands Heavy Horse Society demonstrating 'logging'. 
Buster works with Richard Channing in their local woods collecting wood for his charcoal burning business.

WoldsBarnOwl.snow.20090205.064.jpg (64792 bytes)
Wolds Barn Owl, aka Barney, enjoying a shake in the snow after having a good roll.  5 Feb 2009

2008.PleasureRide.5.jpg (105051 bytes)
Drivers setting off on the FPS Pleasure Ride & Drive
from Dufton, Nr Appleby in September 2008
taken by Joy Reekie

GreenfieldGayLad.jpg (33347 bytes)
Greenfield Gaylad at 29yr old
LownthwaiteBroyony.jpg (45310 bytes)
Lownthwaite Broyony and foal HardHills Teddy Boy at 8 hours old
LunesdaleHenrietta.Rose.Snow.2008.15.jpg (93043 bytes)
Lunesdale Henrietta
owned by Linda Bailly

LunesdaleHenrietta.Rose.Snow.2008.14.jpg (82641 bytes)
Bowness Gypsy Rose
owned by Linda Bailly

ScotgateSpectrum.jpg (237814 bytes)
Recognise me? - Scotgate Spectrum enjoying some me time !!!!

LinnelBecky.jpg (90081 bytes)
Linnel Becky Laing Kenny doing what Fells enjoy most in spite of the wintery conditions

TynesideWispa.jpg (107913 bytes)
Tyneside Wispa, sire: Townend Huey, Dam: Linnel Becky Laing Kenny, 1st foal for Tyneside stud

TownendRocky.jpg (112456 bytes)
Townend Rocky and Courtney Savage

BracklinnJoJo.1.jpg (92975 bytes)
Bracklinn Jo-Jo and rider Courtney Savage

MurthwaiteJohnTom.2008.jpg (142192 bytes)
Murthwaite John Tom
Owner Mrs Carla
Fall 2008

Townend Hamish II at HOYs 2008
15 years-old ridden by Jo Bates & owned by Denise Bumford
Qualified at Hickstead Derby Meeting in June 2008

LownthwaiteFlicka.NCPA.2008.jpg (222402 bytes)
2 year old Lownthwaite Flicka II Owned by Christine Morton shown by Alison Morton winner of the M&M Large breeds 2/3yr old class at the NCPA Pony of the Year September 2008

AbervaleBrenin.jpg (98462 bytes)
Abervale Brenin
3 year old colt by Underwoods Icarus, at the Showlands Elite Championship Show 2008, he took Fell Champion, non-welsh overall champion and then reserve supreme in-hand champion. Owned by Amy Ravenscroft and shown by Emily Ravenscroft.

CastleHillRaven.HOYS.2008.jpg (94689 bytes)
Castle Hill Raven at HOYS 2008
4 years old, owned and ridden by Hayley Reynolds. 
Qualified at The Scottish Horse Show in August 2008

ScotgateSpectrum.2008.jpg (169823 bytes)
Miss Philippa Coates on Scotgate Spectrum at Garstang 2008, 
Puk 2009 qualifier, they won the mixed height M&M inhand and mixed height M&M Ridden.

HardendaleHeatherBell.090.jpg (213675 bytes)
Hardendale Heather Bell ridden by Tracy Mallinson at Eggleston Show where she was ridden Fell winner & Champion Fell Pony

RackwoodRobin.200808.jpg (49760 bytes)
Scarlett Marshall and Rackwood Robin
having a quick kiss.

HardendaleHeatherBell.jpg (120974 bytes)
Philippa Coates on Hardendale Heather Bell at their 1st outing at the Breed show on their way to a very creditable 3rd

GraysonsRobbie.200806.jpg (101432 bytes)
Graysons Robbie
owned by Mrs Susan Pomfret
ridden by Rachel Pomfret age 10 
at the South Cumbrian Fell Pony Society Show
June 2008,  his first ridden show

Shelley Osborne with Pringlehouse Fraser

PringlehouseFraser.dscn2924.jpg (142621 bytes)
warming up Pringlehouse Fraser

PringlehouseFraser.W10_4_1441A.jpg (50694 bytes)
competing in the obstacle section with groom Geoff Kaye hanging on.

PringlehouseFraser.W14_D300521.jpg (34349 bytes)

Forest of Dean Indoor Driving Trials Winter 2007

with Groom Geoff Kaye competing in the obstacles section at an 'Inside out' event, Wales & West Showground, Autumn 2007.

CastlehillRaven.NPSSpringFest.200804.jpg (67434 bytes)
Castle Hill Raven
owned by Hayley Reynolds, 
4 year old Gelding by Castle Hill Jerry.
NPS Picton Champion at the NPS Spring festival April 2008.

Lunesdale Mountain Music and owner Liz Empsall.

200805.Inglegarth.FirstTwoFoals.jpg (113570 bytes) 200805.Inglegarth.MaresFoals.jpg (74029 bytes)

200805.Inglegarth.WhoIsThat.jpg (49797 bytes)
Inglegarth Fell Ponies - 2008 Foals

LinnelBeckyLaingKenny.200805.jpg (55320 bytes)
Linnel Becky Laing Kenny
s. Linnel Reynard, d.. Linnel Apple
Foundation mare for Tyneside Ponies

BluecasterGracieGrundy.jpg (81196 bytes)
Bluecaster Gracie Grundy, age 24, at the Gibside Stud

200804.MurthwaiteMelissaStrinesForte.jpg (87418 bytes)
Good Friends - Murthwaite Melissa aged 16 and Strines Forte aged 24.  April 2008

KerbeckNightPrincessOnJobbysFell.jpg (97327 bytes)
Kerbeck Night Princess on Jobby's fell, April 2008.

Globetrotter-Traveller-cant.jpg (106167 bytes) Globetrotter-Traveller-year.jpg (110243 bytes)
Yearling filly Globetrotter Traveller enjoys the start of spring.
(s. Murthwaite Tikka,  d. Townend Merion) f. 2007
Fleur Hallam

Lady-and-Arabella-share-a-s.jpg (95286 bytes)
Bracklinn Red Lady FP3225 & Arabella FP4449 delight in mutual grooming.
Fleur Hallam

BrareberryDouglas.jpg (380611 bytes)
Braeberry Douglas (3 weeks) and Jonathan (age 4) checking each other out at Braeberry Farm, Boring, Oregon, USA.
Photograph by Cheryl Dutton.

KerbeckSmugglersFire.DalstonShow.jpg (84346 bytes)
Kerbeck Smugglers Fire 
at Dalston Show - Reserve Champion

RackwoodRoayl.HighlandShow.FancyDress.jpg (83690 bytes)
Rackwood Royal in fancy dress

RackwoodRoyal.hunting.jpg (135239 bytes)
Rackwood Royal and his highland friend Strathmore Spottiswood, hunting

WoldsBarnOwl.200710.jpg (98451 bytes)
Wolds Barn Owl (aka Barney)
We had just completed the Doddington Hall 10 mile Sponsored Ride for the Princes Trust, in Oct 2007, it was the first time we'd competed and it was very enjoyable. 
Lynne Graves - a very proud fell pony owner.

LinnelSunbird.09.jpg (98939 bytes)
Linnel Sunbird on Exmoor, successful day at this challenging event 2007

Linnel Sunbird 2007

SleddaleRuthIII.jpg (56941 bytes)
Sleddale Ruth III 1235  (aka Bess)
s. King of the Fell 5902, 
d. Sleddale Rose VIII 14630
She has been a reserve champion
and has won three trophies and 30 or more rosettes. She is semi retired now as she has a mild case of COPD and arthritis in one knee. But she is a very gentle horse by nature and she has been with me for over 18 years.
Owner: Audrey Spencer.

LownthwaiteEden.200711.jpg (92725 bytes)
Alison Morton with her 5 year old homebred Fell Pony Lownthwaite Eden bred by her grandfather the late Mr H.F Wales won the Mountain and Moorland In-hand Championship at the Northern Counties Pony Association winter show which was held at Greenlands on 11th November 2007. Lownthwaite Eden also qualified for the 2008 Ponies UK Winter Championships and Pony of the Year Show.

fell-tandem006.jpg (52796 bytes)
Skelgill May as leader & Admergill Ursula as wheeler at the 1993 Lowther BDS Meet, after having won the multiple class.

peggy-harness-parade005.jpg (56001 bytes)
Admergill Ursula f.1974 being driven to a Market Cart, taking part in the 1989 Nottingham Harness Horse Parade.

precious-cumbria003.jpg (52712 bytes)
Skelgill May f.1983 on a driving holiday in her native region in 1997. Photographed at the top of Hardknott Pass.

200710.LlancloudyGabriel.breedshow.jpg (71492 bytes)

200710.LlancloudyGabriel.breedshow.2.jpg (64116 bytes)

200710.LlancloudyGabriel.breedshow.3.jpg (75391 bytes)

Llancloudy Gabriel, FPS Southern Breed Show 2007
Supreme Show Champion and In hand Champion with owner Mrs Jules Jordan
Breeder: Gina Feakins

BrackenbankMegan.200710.jpg (104723 bytes)
Brackenbank Megan jumps clear in her first M&M Workers at Westmorland County 2007
photo by kind permission from Ken Etteridge

200709.Kerbeck.PrinDuchSniff.jpg (84974 bytes)
Kerbeck Night Princess with grand daughter Kerbeck Night Duchess at home September 2007. Foundation mares for Dentview Stud.

200709.Audleys.jpg (218669 bytes)
Bethan Audley on Murthwaite Roly and Sam Audley (mum) on Wolds Songthrush. 
Ponies owned by and photo taken by Dr Liz Whitley
200708.SavageHumor.jpg (82626 bytes)
A Great Day out. Are We Sitting Correctly?
Melissa Brennand  Whitney Savage  Courtney Savage
Rusland Daisy  Bracklinn Bertie  Bracklinn Jo-jo

RalflandReynard.2007.1.jpg (53077 bytes)   RalflandReynard.2007.2.jpg (76030 bytes)
Ralfland Reynard S. Bishopdale Duke D. Ralfland Celandine 2002. 
Picture taken on his arrival to Denmark 2007. New owner Ms, Rikke Ellegaard.

MurthwaiteJulie.20070729.jpg (93260 bytes)
Murthwaite Julie Ridden by Kade Smith 
led by his mum Mrs Jodie Smith 
at Midlands East Fell and Friends Show 29 July 2007

BracklinnJoJo.jpg (89794 bytes)   BracklinnHoney.jpg (141401 bytes)
Courtney Savage with her two best friends Bracklinn Jo-jo 8yr old gelding pictured at home and Bracklinn Honey Yearling filly after becoming Supreme fell pony champion at the 1st Fell and dales show 2007.
LittletreeBodini.200707.01.jpg (104010 bytes) LittletreeBodini.200707.02.jpg (139597 bytes)

Littletree Bodini, 5yrs Fell stallion, s. Rylstone Black Knight, d. Lunesdale Gypsy Rose
seen sharing a 'kiss' after qualifying for HOYs in the ridden M&M final!!
owned by Nicole Musson
HOYS ridden M&M qualifier 2007 
Confined novice Keston inhand final overall champion Ponies UK 2007

MellorMountBriarRose.2007.jpg (84286 bytes)
10 year old Laura Bennett concentrating hard with her yearling filly (Mellor Mount Briar Rose) prior to winning the young handler class at the Derbyshire Fell Pony Show July 2007. She was also Reserve Champion Youngstock Class and is by Dene Rebel out of Dene Broom Blossom.

Inglegarth Rose Maree a nine year old homebred mare out of Sleddale Rosette XI by Heltondale Lucky Lad II. Rosie regularly helps on the farm gathering sheep removing trees.

InglegarthRoseMaree.200707.BigGroupOfSheep.jpg (116322 bytes) InglegarthRoseMaree.200707.DrivingInSheep.jpg (71055 bytes)
InglegarthRoseMaree.200707.InSheepPens.jpg (108334 bytes)

InglegarthRoseMaree.200707.WithJohnATree.2.jpg (42114 bytes) InglegarthRoseMaree.200707.TreeWithJohn.jpg (112300 bytes)
Inglegarth Rose Maree helping to move a piece of leylandii tree.  
Rosie did several trips across the field that day.

GraysonsDusk.jpg (38514 bytes)
Graysons Dusk FP3160
Section Reserve Champion Festival of Champions 2007
All round Best Conditioned 138cm and under

CastleHillRaven.2007.jpg (94196 bytes)
Castle Hill Raven owned by Hayley Reynolds, 3 yo Colt, numerous winnings in hand, will be out under saddle in 2008

LunesdaleLastRose.Crooklands.200706.jpg (144421 bytes)
Lunesdale Last Rose's first show outing (Sizergh) South Cumbria Show 2007. Yearling filly out of Lunesdale White Rose owner Mrs Cynthia Steadman.

AshnessRomeo.200706.jpg (106594 bytes)
Ashness Romeo, June 2007

BrakenbankMegan.200706.jpg (132214 bytes)
Brackenbank Megan ridden by Philippa Coates at the NCPA Cumbria Branch Annual Show, June 2007. She was Reserve Ridden Supreme Champion

CastleHillJerry.jpg (63699 bytes)
Castle Hill Jerry f. 1998, showing off prior to being sold to his new home
photo taken June 2007

LongdendaleMolly.2006.jpg (148490 bytes)
Longendale Molly
s. Waverhead Model III, d. Eascote Jenny Wren Foaled 5th June 2003

In 2006 Molly was Church Farm M & M inhand champion
2nd Premier Riding Club, Champion M & M,
3rd Supreme Champion M & M
3rd Best Condition Supreme Champion at Myerscough

KimUsher.2.jpg (111793 bytes)
KimUsher.1.jpg (105191 bytes)

NWDC training day at Dalemain on 20 May 2007.
Kim Usher winning The Novice Pony Class. 
(can anybody name the pony?)

2006.BreedShow.TownendEcho.jpg (91391 bytes)
Townend Echo ridden by Emily Burton
Ridden Champion Breed show 2006
  owned by Sandra Burton
Photo by Esphotography

20070512.MurthwaiteGurkha.jpg (113256 bytes)
Murthwaite Gurkha
1st in 2 year old colt class, Youngstock Champion and Reserve Supreme Champion at the 2007 FPS Stallion & Colt show
Owners: Colin and Karen Turner

2007.StallionColtShow.CarrockImYourMan.jpg (115737 bytes)
Carrock I'm Yer Man
Supreme Champion
2007 Stallion & Colt Show, Dalemain

WaverheadStarboy.jpg (29325 bytes)
Waverhead Starboy
s. Linnel Rapier, d. Waverhead Magic III
Owned by Miss Kayleigh Ditchburn

200704.StennerskeughDonnaIV.jpg (178794 bytes)
Stennerskeugh Donna IV
s. Lunesdale Tarquin, d. Stennerskeugh Donna II Relaxing in the field, April 2007 
Owners: Kerbeck Stud

SueWardleOverJump.jpg (88421 bytes)
Sue Wardle over jump

MrJBellWaverheadRob.AppelbyShowChamp.jpg (151807 bytes)
Mr J Bell with Waverhead Rob,
Appelby Show Champ

RobbswaterRuth.jpg (85700 bytes)
Robbswater Ruth

JAHill.jpg (118209 bytes)
J A Hill

JCleggNPCBrockholes.jpg (125287 bytes)
J Clegg, Sales Officer at NPC Brockholes

20020622b.2DalesBack2FellsFrontCharityDriveRibblesdale.jpg (192060 bytes)

20020622a.2DalesBack2FellsFrontCharityDriveRibblesdale.jpg (186648 bytes)

2 Dales (in back) and 2 Fells (in front), Charity Drive, Ribblesdale. 2002.06.22

20020622.LocalFarmerHarryJacksonGetsARideInReturnForStabling.jpg (96111 bytes)
Local farmer, Harrry Jackson, 
gets a ride in return for stabling. 2006.06.22

200205.StallionAtClitheroeSale.jpg (149666 bytes)
Ferrymount Timothy
Stallion at Clitheroe Sale - 2002 May

200204.ViceChairmanCRobinsonGivingRidesAtNPCBrockholes.jpg (181114 bytes)
Vice Chairman C Robinson
giving rides at NPC Brockholes -- 2002 April

200205.ClitheroeSale.jpg (145648 bytes)
Clitheroe Sale - 2002 May

198202.HeltondalePonies.jpg (125097 bytes)
Heltondale Ponies - Feb 1982

2002.LowtherDrivingTrials.jpg (111947 bytes)
Lowther Driving Trials - 2002

BraimberBonniePrinceCharlie.2006OlympiaQualifier.jpg (105504 bytes)
On route to 4th place in his first 
Olympia Qualifier 2006

BraimberBonniePrinceCharlie.2006NWSummerChamps.jpg (63834 bytes)
2006 Northwest Summer Champs

Brambier Bonnie Prince Charlie, f.  2001
Bred by Mrs T.C Field, Ridden by Miss A Fildes

Inglegarth Agnes.shepherding.jpg (191194 bytes)
helping Beverley to move some sheep to fresh pasture

InglegarthAgnes.jumppoles.jpg (37976 bytes)
Agnes taking the strain out of moving jump poles from the field, water sports more appropriate at the moment

Inglegarth Agnes, s. Lownthwaite Gary, d. Inglegarth Lady Winifred

MountainDew.jpg (79364 bytes)
Mountain Dew

LlancloudySedition.jpg (36024 bytes)
Llancloudy Sedition
DOB: 15th April 2006
Sire: Llancloudy Gabriel Dam: Brocklebank Flowers
At home 6th February 2007.
Owner/breeder: Mr Mrs Feakins

CatterlenMistyJet.jpg (51677 bytes)
Catterlen Misty Jet
foaled 15 May 2006
s. Lunesdale Tarquin, d. Dalehead Susan
Owner: Chloe Amos
Bought from the October Mountain and Moorland Sale at Penrith 2006

Jet.LongdendaleAndrew.jpg (22090 bytes)
Longdendale Andrew
foaled 20 August 2002
s. Waverhead Model III, d. Hetty (B)
Owner: Diana Amos
Bought from Thirsk Auction Mart July 2006

RyebrooksMidnightMagic.MaggieAtChurch.jpg (68713 bytes) RyebrooksMidnightMagic.HorsemansSundayRosette.jpg (118214 bytes)

Ryebrooks Midnight Magic, a.k.a. Maggie (aged 13) 2005. Horseman's Sunday church service for horses and riders at Peperharow Park, near Godalming Surrey.

Maggie at the service (is she bowing her head in reverence or just the most laid-back pony there) while we all sing hymn from service sheet.

Back home with her rosette for attendance at the church service.

SkelgillMay.FP1309.jpg (83504 bytes) josh-cavendish-2006.jpg (21086 bytes)

Skelgill May FP1309, f. 1983, competing in a 1 day Carriage Driving Trails event - Saillet sur Vienne, France. 8th overall out of 28 turnouts. Owner: Elizabeth Robinson. Breeder: Mr E Metcalfe. Photo by Fleur Hallam.

Townend Midnight fell pony stallion winning the Cavendish inhand premier at ponies UK 2006 owned by karen Hodge and bred by the late Mr Wilson

200608.RackwoodRobin.jpg (50498 bytes) LunesdaleStormCloud.Sizergh.jpg (125178 bytes)

Rackwood Robin, winning the M&M Home Produced final and the Universal Packaging British Isles Supreme In-hand Championship at the NPS Summer Champs
Owner: Mrs Crane

Lunesdale Storm Cloud
Owned by Mrs. C. Steadman.
Rider: Julie Robinson.

StrinesForte.200607.jpg (150003 bytes) LunesdaleImTheMan.3yo.colt.jpg (87098 bytes)
Strines Forte (at 22yo) winning the RBST Pony and Light Horse Class at the Sherborne Country Fair May 29th 2006. Owner: Mrs J Cawthorne,  Breeder: Mr J Redfearn. Lunesdale I'm The Man, 3yrs colt
s. Lunesdale Mercury, d. Lunesdale Henrietta
Winning Glynn Greenwood championship and Supreme M&M NPS silver medal champion at NPS XI
Owner : Nicole Musson

2006.SandCshow.SupremeChampion.jpg (125395 bytes)

helstonfloracanter1.JPG (20567 bytes)

FPS 2006 Stallion & Colt Show
Supreme Champion Carrock I'm Yer Man
with owner Mr Smith and
FPS President Mrs A A Newall

Rundales Garry
Winning the Inhand Championship, the ridden championship and the overall mountain and moorland championship all in one show,
Helston Flora Horse Show, NPA of Cornwall Champion of Champions qualifier.
Owned by Copperbeech Fell Ponies

LydvaleMerlin1.jpg (27778 bytes) LydvaleMerlin2.jpg (20842 bytes)

Lydvale Merlin, FP70706C
s. Lownthwaite Petrel, d. Bracklinn Maggie
Taking Supreme Yearling Champion at the West Midlands Stallion Show 2006

Littletreebornsupremacy.jpg (145358 bytes) AshnessRomeoRuthEllison.jpg (118546 bytes)

Littletree Born Supremacy wins Mountain and Moorland Youngstock Champion at his first show of 2006.

Ashness Romeo
and Ruth Ellison

MurthwaiteBobbysLast.jpg (322746 bytes) GreenholmeMaisie.FP2647.jpg (24887 bytes)

Murthwaite Bobby's Last
four year old stallion at his first show of the year, winning champion M&M at East Soley

Greenholme Maisie FP 2647
s. Murthwaite Victor, d. Greenholme Diane. Owner Pat Hodgkinson. 
Champion Mountain and Moorland pony at Garstang Agricultural Show, August 2005.

ClarmountCracker.200603.jpg (152919 bytes) BracklinnBertie.InHand.BreedShow.2005.jpg (61518 bytes)

Clarmount Cracker tucking into a leadrope!!  We are very proud of him because we backed him yesterday (04 Mar 2006) and he accepted me on his back with the usual relaxed fell pony attitude, he hardly batted an eyelid!!     -- Daisy Hillier

Bracklinn Bertie
s. Waverhead Rob II, d. Waterstrolls Beauty II,
breeder: Messrs Smith, owner: the Savage family.
Shown in hand at the 2005 Breed Show where he won the 3yo gelding class and was overall 3yo Champion.

BracklinnJoJo.Courtney.jpg (89021 bytes) BracklinnJoJo.jumping.Whitney.jpg (117248 bytes)
Bracklinn Jo-Jo
s. Waverhead Rob II, d. Waterstrolls Beauty II,
breeder: Messrs Smith, owner: the Savage family
 Ridden by Courtney Savage (age 10).  Enjoying the 2005 showing season. Ridden by Whitney Savage (age 12).
Jumping in his first Working Hunter competition at Greenlands 2005.
TownendRally.FP51093C.jpg (24604 bytes) WellbrowFreya.200508.France.jpg (47980 bytes)

 Townend Rally FP51093C*
(s. Drybarrows Jeff, d. Townend Lily)
Winner of the Heltondale Cup, 
2004 Stallion and Colt show.
Enjoying Christmas Day at his home Banksgate North Stainmore. UK

Wellbrow Freya, Aug 2005, France

200512.Helicopter.jpg (52968 bytes) 200511.Moonstroller.jpg (523513 bytes)

Townend Badger and Waverhead Copper taking part in visibility trials with the RAF in 2005

Moonstroller, FP70574C
s. Orton Hall Dennis, d. Lownthwaite Eclipse
Owners Colin and Karen Turner
Took reserve champion M&M foal at NCPA Cheshire
Took reserve champion M&M foal at NPS area 4

200511.AbervaleBreninAtNFS.jpg (35095 bytes)
200511.MurthwaiteMelissaStrinesForte.jpg (104808 bytes)

Abervale Brenin
(S. Underwoods Icarus, 
D. Claremount Lady Rose) 
owned and shown by Amy Ravenscroft, 
bred by Trevor and Pippa Good, at the British National Foal Show where he was first in his class and reserve supreme champion M&M foal this year.

Murthwaite Melissa and Strines Forte
Summer 2005

200511.KerbeckNightPrincess.jpg (86862 bytes)
200510.InglegarthStallionsSoloAndPremier.jpg (63959 bytes)

Kerbeck Night Princess
s. Firequest of Kerbeck,
d. Kerbeck Night Mystery
Breeder Christine Robinson.
Pictured here in her first working hunter pony, 2005 Oct 30, where she won best Fell in the NCPA baby beginners class. 
Showing her rider how it's done!

Inglegarth homebred stallions Solo and Premier in their winter quarters

200510.SoloDrivingSheepTractor.jpg (41266 bytes) 200510.Solo1stSheep.jpg (46460 bytes)

Inglegarth Solo driving sheep

Inglegarth Solo happy to help on the farm with the sheep just one of his jobs

2005.Sizergh.KerbeckNightPrincess.jpg (43516 bytes) 20051022.LittletreeTiaMaria.jpg (68372 bytes)

Kerbeck Night Princess
s. Firequest of Kerbeck,
d. Kerbeck Night Mystery
Breeder Christine Robinson.
Pictured in her first ever ridden class at Sizergh 2005, age 8. She was broken the previous winter after having 4 foals.

'Littletree Tia Maria', yearling filly en route to winning the Keston Royal Occasion M&M Champion and Reserve overall Yearling Champion at NCPA Lancashire foal and youngstock show on Saturday 22nd October 2005.

200510.Moonstroller.jpg (127822 bytes) 2005.MeregillMerlin.800.jpg (105285 bytes)

Moonstroller, FP70574C
s. Orton Hall Dennis, d. Lownthwaite Eclipse
Winning M&M Foal class
and Reserve Champion Foal
at NCPA Lancs on the 22nd October 2005.
Owned by Mr Colin Turner

Meregill Merlin
on his way to coming a respectable 5th
in the Novice Short Marathon Pony
at Borde Hill Driving Trials,
his first 'big' driving event.

RundalesGarry.2005.b.jpg (73455 bytes) BrackenbankElizabeth.2005.b.jpg (40345 bytes)

Rundales Garry (Dylan)
Supreme Championship at
Dunster Fell Pony Show 2005
Also Reserve Fell Pony Champion
at Royal Cornwall County Show 2005.
Owned by Copperbeech Fell Ponies.

Brackenbank Elizabeth 
  3 year old bay filly
winning the 1, 2 and 3 year old Fell Pony class
at Royal Cornwall County Show
She was Reserve Youngstock Champion
at Dunster Fell Pony Show. The judge is Bert Morland.
Owned by Copperbeech Fell Ponies.

2005.Lowther.hrh.3.jpg (101249 bytes) 2005.Lowther.hrh.2.jpg (65046 bytes) 2005.Lowther.hrh.1.jpg (81801 bytes)

HRH Duke of Edinburgh at a water obstacle Lowther Driving Trials 2005 (photos Jane Smith)

2005.NCPA.LlancloudyDorian.jpg (135533 bytes)
Llancloudy Dorian 
s. Ashness Charlie, d. Llanclody Dore
Winning NCPA 2005 pony of the year M&M youngstock

BraimberBonniePrinceCharlie.01.jpg (22821 bytes)

CarrockI'mYerMan.2005.800x.jpg (82694 bytes)

Braimber Bonnie Prince Charlie
s. Lunesdale Peter (FP786G), 
d. Heltondale Rosie XI (FP2452)

Carrock I'm Yer Man, FP51327C
Supreme Champion
Stallion Show 2005
Owner: Messrs Smith
Breeder: Mrs G Cockbain

HeltondaleDaisyVI.1.jpg (353877 bytes)

HeltondaleDaisyVI.2.jpg (350457 bytes)

Heltondale Daisy VI,  f. 1990, s. Heltondale Rover, d. Heltondale Misty
We have just moved home and ...

here she is seen rolling her scent around

and here she is qualifying the scent of other ponies in the air

iMeadowValleyFreeSpirit.xc.jpg (45407 bytes)

MeadowValleyFreeSpirit.Leics.jpg (40046 bytes)

Meadow Valley FreeSpirit, s. Sleddale MikeII, d. Ingleberry Elder
Family pony champion, Leics County show 2004.
Owned and ridden by Angela Cairns

2003.dyrbarrowsduke.jpg (68418 bytes)

200411.LownthwaiteRipple.jpg (57088 bytes)

Drybarrows Duke

Taken 2003 at home in the Scottish Borders.
Owner: Susie Allison

Lownthwaite Ripple 
s. Heltondale Duke IV, 
d. Lownthwaite Ribes.

November 2004
 In Hand Champion and qualified for both the Keston Final and the P(UK) Handler final for 2005 P(UK) Winter Champs

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