The Fell Pony Society

Members receive two informative Magazines annually, in March and October. In addition other privileges of membership include youngstock registration and eligibility to compete for premiums, prize monies, trophies and awards.

Annual Membership Subscription Rates

Type of Membership UK Overseas
Full 25 35
Associate 15 25
Junior 15 25
Family 50 65

An associate member is unlikely to own a pony and therefore will not wish to take advantage of the pony related privileges of membership. Family membership may be applied for by married or co-habiting couples and their children under the age of 18 years, all residing at the same address. The two adult members enjoy the rights and privileges of full membership, and the children the rights and privileges of junior membership. Full details are in section 2 of the Articles of Association. 

Society memberships fall due on 1 January annually - not a difficult date to remember. We do not send out reminders at this time - it would cost the Society approximately 450. If subscriptions have not been received by the time we send out the Spring newsletter, a reminder slip is enclosed. Alternatively, members can arrange to pay their subscription by standing order on 1 January each year; or pay by bank transfer.

Please note: Full (UK and Overseas) Members must have paid their annual subscription on or before 15 February to be entitled to participate in the postal vote for the election of the Council. You must have paid your annual subscription, received and signed your membership card BEFORE the Annual General Meeting to be eligible for any vote at the meeting. Please have your membership card ready to show on arrival at the meeting.

Membership Application Form: [.doc] [.pdf] version September 2018