Fell Pony Society Awards

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Premium & Performance Points: Rules

1. All owners must be fully paid up senior, junior or family members of the Fell Pony Society and resident in the UK.

2. All Ponies must be registered in the Main Section of the Fell Pony Society Stud Book. Ponies registered in Section X may participate in the relevant sections of the Performance Points (Dressage, driving, endurance, performance trials etc) but are not eligible for any premiums paid from the HBLB grant.

3. One pony per points sheet. Where more than one senior member is sharing a pony they must use the same sheet. However Junior members should keep their own separate sheet. (The secretary will amalgamate points as required for overall performance points). Entrants in the new Dressage and Driving Sections MUST also keep a sheet for each of these sections.

4. The points sheet must be signed by the organiser / secretary / judge or other person in charge for each class / event.

5. Any show is eligible (apart from internet shows - photo/video entries) – see details of points to be awarded.

6. Please ensure full details, including points are filled in for each class or event – failure to do so will mean your sheets are returned to you.

7. Please return all points sheets to:-

Mrs C H Robinson
The Shieling, Anthorn,
Wigton, Cumbria, CA7 5AH

--before 15 January in the year following the Award year.

For further sheets please send an SAE to the above address, or please photocopy extras as required.

Points awarded for Fell Pony Premium Scheme (UK)

In any official Fell Pony Society event e.g. Breed Show, and to include any events held by official Fell Pony Society support groups.

1st – 120 points
2nd – 100 points
3rd – 80 points
4th – 60 points
5th – 40 points
6th – 20 points

For Championships (to include Supremes) – 60 points
For Reserve Championships (to include Res. Supremes) – 30 points

Non-competitive Events i.e. Pleasure rides, Pony Club Rallies etc – 20 points

ALL other shows and events will score HALF the above points.

Please note the following sections, which you may enter: -

  • Performance - For ponies aged Four years old and over - In Hand classes NOT eligible for this section.

  • Four Year Old and over - In Hand

  • Foal

  • Yearling

  • Two Year Old

  • Three Year Old

  • Junior Members - Ridden/Driven events only

  • Dressage

  • Driving

If you have any queries, please contact the address above or Telephone 016973 51834, Mobile: 07802 733309, E-mail: Christine @kerbeck-fell-ponies.co.uk

Awards Scheme Entry Form

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The Queen's Trophy

The Queen's Trophy is presented to a person or persons who, in the opinion of the current chairman and approved by Council, has promoted the Fell pony breed by work, recreation, or study. The recipient does not need to be a FPS member. Trophy to be held for one year.

The Edinburgh Prize for Driving

Presented by His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh in 2014.

To be awarded internationally to a single or multiple turnout of registered Fell ponies, for achievement in Driving.

The Fell Pony Society Council is thrilled to inform all 'whips' internationally of a new award presented by His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh. There will be 25 Edinburgh Prizes, one to be awarded each year from 2014 onward.

Participating members must apply to the FPS Office in writing to include a paragraph stating why they think they should win the prize, and to include a photo. (The points award form should not be used to apply.) Applications need not necessarily involve showing but can be other driving experiences, and the 'achievement' need not necessarily be in the current year. All ponies must be registered Fell Ponies and the owner or the driver must be a member of The Fell Pony Society, of the Netherlands Fell Pony Society, or of an FPS-recognised Overseas Branch.

Council have recently agreed that nominations for this award can also be made by third parties. If you think the achievements of a driver and pony or ponies should be recognised please send your nomination as above to the FPS Secretary before 31st December.

Amended 2018

FPS Breeders Trophy

In memory of Chris Thompson and donated by the Thompson family. All In Hand exhibits at the FPS Stallion & Colt Show, the FPS Breed Show and FPS Southern Show are automatically entered for the Breeders' Trophy. They do not need a special entry form.

The award is calculated on a points basis and is presented at the AGM to the Fell pony breeder whose prefix accumulated the highest total in the previous year, as follows:

1st - 6 points
2nd - 5 points
3rd - 4 points
4th - 3 points
5th - 2 points
6th - 1 point
"Best of" e.g. Best Foal, Best 3yr old etc. - 8 points
Res Champion - 8 points
Champion - 10 points

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FPS Endurance Awards

The FPS Endurance Awards Scheme collates points for distances achieved by long distance riders of Fell ponies. You must be an FPS member to take part but you do not need to be a member of SERC or EGB. There are four different sections each with a trophy and rosettes to third place each year.

HIGH POINT AWARD for THE BRAMBLE TROPHY donated by Steve and Wendy Cresswell. This award is for the Fell pony who has accumulated the highest points gained in competitive rides (novice, open or advanced) in the current season.

HIGHEST MILEAGE COMPETITIVE AWARD and a TROPHY donated by The Fell Pony Society. This award is for the Fell pony having achieved the highest Competitive Ride mileage (novice, open or advanced) in the current season.

HIGHEST MILEAGE PLEASURE AWARD for the HILLHEAD MINSTREL TROPHY donated by Lloyd and Pauline Webster. This award is for the Fell pony having accumulated the most Pleasure Ride mileage in the current season.

TASTER AWARDS for the ULDALE BLACK RAVEN TROPHY to encourage people to have a go at Endurance Rides without having to become members of EGB or SERC. Mileage can be accumulated for recognised rides and rosettes will be awarded at the end of the season.


  1. Mileage now means kilometres!

  2. The awards are pony specific which allows different riders to ride the pony at different rides. However each ride must be completed by one rider.

  3. Your pony can do Pleasure rides and Competitive rides. We will sort out the different mileage and points for the different categories at the end of the year.

  4. The rides can be organised by EGB or SERC or by their Groups.

  5. Please make sure that all sections of the card (link below) are filled in correctly and that you get your card signed by the organiser after each ride. This also applies to people having a go at the Taster awards.

  6. Please send your cards in by the end of November and include a S.A.E. if you would like a card for the following season.

  7. The results will be published in the spring issue of the FPS newsletter and the trophies and rosettes will be presented at the AGM in Spring.

Further general information on the sport of endurance can be found at www.endurancegb.co.uk or http://www.scottishendurance.com/ (for Scotland).

Your local endurance group will run competitive and pleasure rides usually from late February to late October. Please contact your local group for information. Group website addresses are on the main EGB website. Often your local group will run or accept "Charity" rides as counting for mileage. These are now valid for the FPS scheme as well.

Download the Endurance Scheme form: Word (.rtf) or .pdf. The form should be printed off, each entry filled in and countersigned, and returned by post to: Fiona Carradus, Overdale, Crook Road, Staveley, Cumbria LA8 9NG. Please contact Fiona Carradus if you have a query or need any advice: fionacarradus682@btinternet.com or tel: 01539 821790.

The Lownthwaite Rob Trophy

This Trophy is awarded by Council to a registered Fell pony for achievements, performance or service that promote the breed, usually outside the showing arena. To be held for one year.

Council have recently agreed that nominations for this award can be made by third parties. If you think the achievements of a particular pony should be recognised please send your nomination and supporting reasons in writing to the FPS Secretary before 31st December.

Amended 2018

Horserace Betting Levy Board Grant

The Horserace Betting Levy Board grant is used to reward quality breeding of ponies that excel in one or more disciplines, making them a desirable commodity, and to support the semi-feral herds. The Society has paid out premiums to breeders and owners through the Performance Points Award Scheme (as above) and through a variety of classes at the Stallion & Colt Show and the Breed Show. Premiums have been paid to Stallions, Colts, Mares, Youngstock and Foals as well as those competing in Performance, Endurance, Dressage and Driving. The grant has also been used to pay the Breed (Progeny) Prizes at the Breed Show and a Broodmare Premium to mares producing a foal in the semi-feral herds.