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Our plans to celebrate the Society's Centenary in 2022 are proceeding at pace. Thank you, Jane Rawden, for keeping us all up to the mark!

Keep a lookout for information in the FPS Magazine and on our Facebook page.



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Eileen Walker
Claire Simpson
Glenis Cockbain
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Midlands East Area Support Group are gathering material for a Centenary Book showcasing Fell Ponies from the region over the last 100 years. (For more details please see Midlands East Group Page) and will be offering a travel grant for a breeding stallion in the area to go to the Stallion Show. January 2022

Fell Pony Society 100 miles Centenary Challenge

Join in our celebrations of 100 years of the Fell Pony Society - travel 100 miles with your Fell Pony! We hope you have fun whilst completing the challenge either as an individual or as a team.

Registration Form (.doc) Registration Form (.pdf)

You can begin collecting your miles at any time from January 2022. They can be collected whilst leading, walking, driving or riding your Fell pony anywhere, at home or at an organised event. It isn’t a competition so please just enjoy it as a celebration of our lovely breed, and do complete your tracker form to keep a record of your distances and submit to receive your beautiful bespoke centenary rosette.

Please check out your nearest FPS Area Support Group who will be looking to host rides or gatherings where you are able to collect miles in the company of other Fell pony enthusiasts.

The T-shirts will not be dispatched immediately because we have yet to OK the logo on a sample shirt from the makers! Applications will be acknowledged once we have the shirts to send out, but please be patient because we are about to hit a very busy spell in the office processing annual memberships etc. In the meantime you can start clocking up your miles on the Tracker form.

Mileage Tracker Form (.doc)  Mileage Tracker Form (.pdf)

Once the shirts are available we would love to see and follow your progress with pictures in your T-shirts. There is a Photo Gallery on this web site and a dedicated Facebook page called The Fell Pony Society 100 Miles Centenary Challenge. It would be super if you would send us photos here or join the group to share your photos and stories - or both!

For more details see the introductory letter here

100 Miles Facebook page QR code1 Jan 2022

Centenary Book 2022

Celebrating 100 years of looking after the Fell Pony breed: video ad,
I've been entrusted with loads of photos of both mares and stallions who were famous in their time, and of their progeny and pedigree information. It's very exciting to see it all coming together. 1 Jan 2022

The Centenary 2022 - Launch

We announce the launch of our centenary plans - watch the promotional video on YouTube!

FPS centenary logo

14 Sept 2021

Centenary Book - Stud Cards

Material is coming in for the Centenary book. Here are some stud advertising cards for stallions of the 1920s and 1930s: Father and son. Thank you, Sarah Charlton... we are working through that big box...

a card from 1928 advertising a stallion a card from 1928 advertising a stallion
21 June 2021

Centenary Calendar 2022

The FPS Centenary Calendar is now available to purchase - £6.00 plus £2.00 p & p.
Email to order: Please ask about combined postage charges if you are purchasing more than one calendar.

1 April 2021

We are proud to introduce a pair of logos for use on event promotions and merchandise during the year. Here they are! Jane Rawden who is in touch with the Area Support Groups will let you have high resolution copies so you can use them however you want, in celebrating our Centenary next year.

introducing the Centenary Logos

Our Aims

The main aim will be for everyone who has a connection with the Fell Pony to celebrate 100 years of the FPS, to continue to provide education on the heritage of the Fell Pony, to increase our membership … and of course, to have FUN!

• To celebrate 100 years of the FPS
• To celebrate and continue to educate about the heritage of the Fell Pony
• To celebrate with anyone who has a connection with the Fell pony
• To increase FPS membership

Our Plans!

Throughout the Year

Ideas under discussion include launch events at shows in May, with events and activities running through the year, and throughout the UK and overseas, so we hope there will be something for everyone.

Area Support Groups and Overseas Branches

Our Area Support Groups and Overseas Branches will be fully involved in the planning which will include a celebratory flag ride and drive throughout the UK - and perhaps overseas? Tell us if you'd like to join in! It will start in May and end in August with the two major Breed Shows at each end of the period.

Exhibitions and Workshops

We will again be able to use the Old Courthouse at Shap as a base for displays and unmounted events, workshops and art and writing competitions for three weeks in August. We would be very grateful for offers of help to steward the exhibitions for a morning or an afternoon, alongside one of the Courthouse volunteers (contact Janet Wood via the Courthouse web site).

Breed Show Week - Stud Visits, Talks and a Ball

During Breed Show Week in August, as well as the Breed Show itself we have a packed programme of events, talks and visits, and of course the exhibition already running at Shap. We will end the week with a Ball in Kendal with an auction of promises.

We will also be creating a video on conformation and breed type and compiling a book of influential and distinguished mares and stallions of the last 100 years. Centenary branded merchandise will be available.

So, we have a busy year of planning ahead!

• Launch: Parade of Fells at Windsor Horse Show (May 2022)
• Launch: Stallion Show at Dalemain (May 2022)
• Celebratory Flag Ride & Drive (throughout UK)
• Area Support Groups activities (throughout UK, overseas, and throughout the year)
• Ball with Auction of Promises (August 2022)
• Exhibition at the Old Courthouse, Shap (August 2022, possibly travelling later to other venues)
• New Trophy at the Breed Show (August 2022)
• Video - Conformation and Type, particularly for new owners, new breeders, and trainee judges (May 2022)
• Centenary Book about distinguished mares and stallions of the last 100 years - print and e-book (May 2022)
• Art competition (August 2022)
• Writing competition (August 2022)
• "100 miles with a Fell" challenge (throughout UK, overseas, and throughout the year)
• Special edition 2022 Calendar (Winter 2021)
• FPS Centenary Branded Merchandise
• 2022 "Fellfies"

The Centenary Sub-Committee 1 April 2021