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The Fell Pony Society
FPS Merchandise Sales

Full list of FPS merchandise

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Centenary Merchandise for 2022!

Cover image of book A Century of Fells
"A Century of Fells" hardback book, 219 pages - 20 plus 3.00 P&P.

Badges, Fridge Magnets and Keyrings
Badges, Fridge Magnets and Keyrings - 2.50 each plus 1.00 P&P or any combination of 3 items 7.00 plus 2.00 P&P

White Coasters and cream coloured bags with FPS Centenary Logo
Coasters - 3.00 each plus 1.00 P&P or 10.00 for 4 plus 2.00 P&P. Bags - 7.00 plus 1.00 P&P.

Black polo shirts with 100 logo in gold
Polo shirts, Black only - 15 plus 3 P&P. T shirts, Black only - 12 plus  2 P&P

white china mugs with gold FPS 100 Logo
China Mugs - 8.00 each plus 3.50 P&P or 30.00 for 4 plus 3.50 P&P.

Please contact the office for details of available colours and sizes for clothing and picnicware, and for postage outside of the United Kingdom. Some items are not held in stock.

Please give the office at least two weeks to fulfill an order.

Send order and cheques payable to The Fell Pony Society to:
The Fell Pony Society, Bank House, Appleby, Cumbria CA16 6XF. Tel/Fax 01768353100. Payment is accepted by online banking; send the office an email with your order, and pay by BACS - see bank details.

All prices quoted for P&P (post and packing) are for shipment within the UK. Different prices apply for shipments outside of the United Kingdom.

Key rings: Torch key rings 3 plus 1 P&P. Bottle opener key rings 2 plus 1 P&P

assorted coloured key ring-torches tray full of keyring torches in assorted colours Keyring bottle openers in assorted colours


white pottery mugs with FPS logoBack in stock: Mugs with the FPS logo! 5.00 plus 3.50 p & p

Email to order: or

Christmas Cards

Pack of 5 Cards, one design. 2.50 plus 1.00 P&P

black pony galloping in the snow ponies on the fell in the snow

snowy christmas cardFell pony Christmas card snow scene fell pony in snow among gorse

Soft-shell jackets

30 plus 3.50 P & P

Black, red and navy soft shell jackets

Windsor Guard of Honour DVD

DVD of parade at Windsor
The Windsor Guard of Honour DVD is available from the Society office and will also be for sale at the FPS Southern Show, the autumn Social, and the FPS Sale.
15 plus 2.00 P&P.

fridge magnets
Fridge magnets - 2.00 plus 1 P&P

small soft toy teddies
4.50 & 3.50 P&P

black and white umbrella
Black and white golf umbrella - 15.00. It is not possible to post this item.

Fell pony society ties for sale
Ties with FPS logo, 12 plus 2.00 P&P
knitted hats with FPS logo
Hats and baseball caps, new stock just in, range of fresh colours.

8.00 & 2.00 P & P

baseball caps in several colours

backpacks with FPS logo Small backpack with FPS logo, 14 plus 3.50 P&P

fleece jackets Fleece jackets with long sleeves, 21 plus 3.50 P&P
hi viz waistcoats High visibility waistcoats
phone purse 7 Phone purse with FPS logo

wallet 6 Wallet with FPS logo
pink hooded sweatshirt Hoodies
hooded sweatshirt rugby shirts polo shirts Polo shirts
hoodies Full list of FPS merchandise
jackets Jackets
sweatshirts Sweatshirts
Stud Books and back copies of Magazines - Picnicware - Miscellaneous

pens, pencils, badges, stickers Pens, pencils, badges, stickers including 'I Fell for a Fell'.

'The Fell Pony' DVD

The Fell Pony Society's DVD features the ponies at home amid breath-taking scenery on the fells in Cumbria. They are still bred here as they have been for hundreds of years, running on the ground that made them what they are today.

The DVD records interviews from some of the hill farmers who run the ponies on the open fells, in which they talk about the ponies and how they manage them and give an insight into why it is so important for the breed to hold onto the remaining hill herds.

The filming shows the versatility of this wonderful breed by following the ponies performing in some of the spheres in which they excel and features the Fell Pony Stallion Show, the Breed Show, the Performance trials, Lowther driving trials and the ridden finals at Olympia.

The DVD was filmed by Alan and Denise Tibbitts of DVX Productions with narration by Brian Blessed and together they have produced a DVD that will be of tremendous value to all with an interest in native ponies.

The DVD is available from the Fell Pony Society office at a cost of 15, plus 1.50 postage and packing for the UK and Europe, or 3 for the USA and Canada.

(Please see the Merchandise Price List for details of P&P)

ALifetimeWithPonies.jpg (42053 bytes)"A Lifetime With Ponies"
by Roy B. Charlton

20.00 (Please see the Merchandise Price List for details of P&P)

The Answer to presents for anyone interested in the Fell Pony. Reprint of Roy Charlton's Book Lifetime with Ponies which is full of Fell history with useful tips on ponies and handling which are just as true today as they were then.

"A Walk on the Wild Side"WalkOnTheWildSide.jpg (55171 bytes)
by Carole Morland. 

12.50. (Please see the Merchandise Price List for details of P&P)

The first book to have recorded the habits and interactions of a semi feral herd of Fell Ponies. The book has received excellent reviews.

hoofprints book cover

"Hoofprints in Eden" by Sue Millard

17 (Please see the Merchandise Price List for details of P&P)

Winner of the Saint and Company Prize at the Lake District Book of the Year Awards, 20 June 2006. Based on a 2-year-long series of interviews with established breeders, this book explores the Fell pony breed and its traditions.

Spirit_Fell_Pony.jpg (174046 bytes)"The Spirit of the Fell Pony" by Fleur Hallam

Published by Halsgrove and priced at 4.99 (Please see the Merchandise Price List for details of P&P)

This hardback book containing 64 pages of full colour photographs with captions celebrates these endearing and popular ponies through the superb photography of Fleur Hallam, captured in their native region.

FellFunCover.jpg (98514 bytes)Fell Fun

For ages 4 to 7 years, offers early learning puzzles like spot the difference, colouring in, mazes, simple counting, starting letters, rhyming, matching, identifying colours, dot to dot, and identifying walk, trot and canter, even the dreaded cutting and sticking - all using pictures of Fells. Christine Robinson said on seeing the draft copy, "I really enjoyed it, so did Wilson, we both were looking for colouring pens and doing dot to dot!"

20 pages, just 2.00 (Please see the Merchandise Price List for details of P&P)

FellFactsCover.jpg (153521 bytes)Fell Facts

For 7 years and upward, contains the Description of the Fell Pony and Scale of Points, a junior version of "About Fell Ponies", crosswords and wordsearches with a Fell theme, quizzes, a short story and lots of Fell photos.

20 pages, just 2.00 (Please see the Merchandise Price List for details of P&P) Fell Facts and Fell Fun can be sent together for a single postage fee.

Fell Pony Society History CD

The Fell Pony Society History CD is a unique collection of cuttings and articles about Fell and Dales Ponies, founder members of the Fell Pony Society from 1913 onwards. It includes many Travelling Stallion Cards, a 1919 Dispersal Sale Catalogue and many pages of interesting articles. 13.00 (Please see the Merchandise Price List for details of P&P)
System Requirements Windows 95 onwards PC CD ROM

 HistoryCD2.jpg (50579 bytes) HistoryCD3.jpg (60412 bytes)
Just one of the Travelling Stallion Cards on the CD