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Below is an index of all the available Magazines, Newsletters and FPS News published by the Fell Pony Society. Follow the hyperlinks to the issues and articles listed in the index. Keep coming back to visit this page as we are always adding more Newsletters to the stock of on-line resources.

The Spring issue of the Magazine becomes available online when the following Autumn issue is sent out to members, and the Autumn issue of the Magazine becomes available online when the following Spring issue is sent out.

Deadlines for submitting material for forthcoming Magazines are normally:

1st October for the Autumn issue.
1st February for the Spring issue.


Fell Pony Society Magazines (2008 onward)

Fell Pony Society Newsletters (1987-2001)

Fell Pony News (1966-1987)

Back issues of the Newsletters of the Fell Pony Society can be purchased from the Fell Pony Society.  Purchasing information can be found at our "Merchandise Sales" page. 



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