The Fell Pony Society

Registered Charity, Number 1104945.
Patron: Her Majesty The Queen.

The Fell Pony Society is a Company Limited by Guarantee 3233346

The Fell Pony Society's aim is to foster and keep pure the old breed of pony which has roamed the northern fells for years and to circulate knowledge and general information about the pony breed.

The Society deals with the Registration of Ponies, applications for Membership and export matters, and produces two Magazines per year, lists of ponies for sale and a regular calendar of events.


 Bank House, Boroughgate, Appleby,

Cumbria CA16 6XF

Tel/Fax: 0 17683 53100. E-mail:
To phone a UK number from overseas,
replace the leading 0 with +44.

The office is normally open Monday to Thursday during office hours. If the Secretary is not available please leave a message or send an email to

For urgent passport information please call 07511 728246 (Grassroots backup for urgent passport related questions only). All other enquiries should come to the FPS office.

updated 20 May 2014


Council would like to advise the following:

-- The entry fee for the Annual Sale in October will be £20 per pony, of which £10 will be refunded if the pony is presented at the sale or a vet certificate is produced to explain its non-appearance.

-- Service Books / notifications of coverings online that are received after 31 December of the year of covering, will require the foal to be DNA typed to confirm the sire.

2 September 2015

Last Call for Photographs for the 2017 Fell Pony Society Calendar

Once again we are looking for submissions for the Fell Pony Society calendar. The deadline is Monday October 12th 2015.

Either digital or hard copy photographic prints can be submitted remembering that digital images have to scale up to the calendar format at 11" x 7" and so have to be of high resolution (300dpi minimum).

Professionally taken photographs are eligible providing the photographer is prepared to waive copyright for their inclusion in the calendar. Full details here.

22 September 2015

Agenda for FPS Council meeting



Jo Exley has kindly put together Fell Pony events from 1995-1997 on a DVD. (It is of footage with no audio.)
It’s now available from the FPS office - £5 plus £1.50 p&p.
All profits to the Fell Pony Society.

11 June 2015

CEM (Contagious Equine Metritis) Testing For Stallions - Vouchers

Until the end of 2015 the HBLB will cover the cost of the laboratory fee for CEM testing of non-Thoroughbred stallions that have not previously been so tested. To qualify for the free test, swabs must be taken by a veterinary surgeon. They must be accompanied by the HBLB voucher, completed and signed by both the stud/owner and the vet, and sent to one of the three participating laboratories specified on the form. The laboratory will report the results of the test back to the vet and there will be no laboratory fee for the owner/vet.

For further details and a voucher please contact the Society Secretary.

4 March 2015

Legal Responsibilities of Owners
in relation to Equine Passports 2014

It is a legal requirement for all horses and ponies to be issued with a passport. Owners and keepers with primary responsibility must ensure their horses are correctly identified and be able to produce the passport without delay when required. A horse’s passport must be kept with him at all times.

IMPORTANT: Please read about your responsibility as an owner!

When purchasing a pony: Check that the pony has been issued with a Fell Pony Society passport, as this confirms that the pony is a registered Fell pony. If an older pony has an ID-only passport, please check with the FPS office who will be able to confirm whether the pony is registered or not.

Please check that the pony and the passport match and if necessary get the microchip in the pony scanned prior to purchase.

If in any doubt and it is important to you that the pony is registered, we would suggest that you contact the office prior to purchase. This may prevent a problem that we cannot resolve later.

It is a legal requirement for a new owner to register a change of ownership with the relevant Passport Issuing Office within 30 days of the change.

In the event of death of any horse, the passport must be returned to the issuing P.I.O. for cancellation within 30 days of death. The passport may be returned on request after cancellation.

Only a small percentage of Fell ponies registered with the Society are also recorded with a microchip company. If they are, then their paperwork tells the owner what do if there are any changes, ie ownership or death, but there is usually a charge and the Society does not do it for them.

If owners have transferred ownership though the Society then the microchip is automatically recorded on the database (link below) for that pony and FPS can verify it to anyone who asks, including Trading Standards, DEFRA, Police etc.

Also note that it is illegal for someone to sell any horse/pony without a passport.

updated 3 March 2015

Grassroots Equine ChipChecker

Currently the UK has no central equine database, so this is causing problems tracing the ownership details if an equine is recovered and found to have a microchip. Grassroots, the pedigree software organisation has now set up an Equine ChipChecker on its website:

Currently there are 17 PIOs participating – American Quarter Horse, British Appaloosa, Cleveland Bay, Connemara, Dales, Dartmoor, Donkey Breed, Erisakay, Exmoor, Fell, Hackney, Haflinger, Irish Draught, New Forest, Scottish Sports Horse, Shetland , Warmblood Breeders Studbook UK- and a total of 188,568 (to date) equine records is searched, by entering a full microchip number or a full UELN. If a match is found, the issuing PIO is given, with the Alive/Dead status, colour, sex, DOB and microchip number. This round the clock, open access facility should help greatly, until Defra gets a new central equine database up and running next year, as required in the new passport legislation.

6 March 2014

Online Access to the Fell Pony Stud Book

Council have agreed to give Society members free access to the Society's Grassroots database, so that they can view animal details, member details, pedigrees and progeny lists online.

To access this, you need to enter your access number (not your membership number) and password, as notified to members since Spring 2009.

Click here to access the Grassroots database

Annual Membership

Membership is due for renewal 1 January each year.

If you have not already done so please send your payment as soon as possible.

No member will be entitled to vote for the election of Council if their subscription has not been paid by 15 February 2015.

27 January 2015


We receive many enquiries in the office regarding 'Stallions Available at Stud'. Stallions at Stud can be listed on the FPS website, free of charge; please ask the FPS office for more details.