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The Fell Pony Society

Registered Charity, Number 1104945.
The Fell Pony Society is a Company Limited by Guarantee 3233346.

Patron: Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

About the Society

President, Miss Barbara Bell
Chairman, Mr Peter Boustead
Vice Chairman, Mr Paul Metcalfe 
Secretary, Mrs Katherine Wilkinson
Treasurer, Mrs Elizabeth Parkin

Society Office:

Bank House, Boroughgate, Appleby, Cumbria CA16 6XF
Tel/Fax: 017683 53100. To phone a UK number from overseas,
replace the leading 0 with +44.

The office is manned Monday to Thursday. You can leave a voice message or send an email to . Visitors will only be seen by appointment.

During national holiday periods the office will be closed and such dates will usually be posted in advance on the Home page. During staff holidays, the office will be open but with fewer staff and some business may be slower to complete.

Agenda for FPS Council meeting


This is an active link only when a Council meeting is due.

Summaries of previous Council meetings


Available online from July 2023.

What is required of FPS Council Members

What is required of FPS Council Members

Council Members: Phone & E-mail

Council members' e-mail addresses (below) have been split to prevent them being harvested by spambots. Copy and paste the address you want into your e-mail program and remove the space before the @ mark.

Alison Bell:     07765405509, E-mail: pjamesbell

Peter Boustead:    Tel: 01524383665, E-mail: peterboustead

Rachael Brunskill-Tarn:     07990 606 362,     E-mail: neighfear

Sarah Charlton:     01434 673262, Fax: 01434 673852, mobile: 07398 263097; E-mail: linnelwood

Glenis Cockbain:     01768 772133, E-mail: wllmcckbn

Michael Goddard:     01258 817161, Mobile: 07964 209243, E-mail: michael.goddard2014

John Greener     Mobile: 07808 170830,  E-mail: kinkryhillfells

Tom Lloyd:    Mobile: 07967 483374, E-mail: tom

Barry Mallinson:     01228 675814, Mobile: 07393 506100, E-mail: tracykirkby

Heather Mawrey:    Mobile: 07791 748384, E-mail: hmawrey

Paul Metcalfe:     01539 621655, Mobile: 07581 405102

Sue Millard:     07340 309636, E-mail: sue

Bill Potter:   Home/fax:  01931 716267

Jane Rawden:    07970 297642, E-mail: janerawden

Christine Robinson, Home/Fax:     016973 51854, Mobile: 07802 733309, E-mail: Christine

Claire Simpson:     07767 838 662, E-mail: claire.halebank

Andrew Thorpe:     01706 853843, E-mail: info

Eileen Walker:     01388 763607, Mobile: 07990 521205, E-mail: Eileen

Liz Whitley:    Mobile: 07774 29278, Email: liz

David Wilkinson:     01768 352861, E-mail: wilkinsonfellponies

Magazine Editor and Webmaster

Sue Millard:     07340 309636 e-mail: sue

Press Officer

Claire Simpson:     07767 838 662 e-mail: claire.halebank

Show Secretary

Judy Fairburn:     01556 670037 e-mail: fpsshowsecretary

Judges Secretary

Jenny Grealish:     07557 309987 email: fpsjudgessecretary

Show Affiliation Secretary

Michelle Thorpe, Winterbutlee Farm, Shawforth, Nr Rochdale, Lancs. OL128XE
Tel: 01706 853843 Fax: 01706 217886 e-mail: info

Registered Office, Accountants

Dodd & Co, FIFTEEN Rosehill, Montgomery Way, Rosehill Estate, Carlisle, CA1 2RW


Conservation & Grazing Sub-Committee  Chairman: Mrs Christine Robinson, The Shieling, Anthorn, Wigton, Cumbria CA7 5AH. Telephone:  016973 51854. E-mail:      Mrs A Bell, Mr I Brunskill, Mrs R Brunskill-Tarn, Mrs S Charlton, Miss R Dalton, Miss N Evans, Mrs S Millard, Mr A Thorpe, Mr E Winder. 

Judges Sub-Committee  Chairman: Mr Michael Goddard, Oak Tree Barn, Hazelbury Bryan, Sturminster Newton, Dorset DT10 2DP. Telephone: 07964 209243.      E-mail: Secretary: Mrs Jenny Grealish, Shotley Hall, Shotley Bridge, Consett DH8 9TE. Telephone: 07557 30998. E-mail:     Mrs GM Callister, Mr P Metcalfe, Miss J Rawden.  Master judges and reserves for assessment of candidates are chosen at random from the FPS Panel at a Council meeting.

Display Team Sub-Committee  Chairman: Mrs Susan Brunskill, Ling House, Southwaite, Carlisle CA4 0JH. Telephone:      016974 75975. E-mail:      Secretary: Mrs Alison Bell. Treasurer: Mrs Rachael Brunskill-Tarn.     Mrs K Ellis, Miss N Evans, Mrs S Millard and Mrs CH Robinson.

 Show Sub-Committee  Chairman: Mr P Boustead. Tel: 01524 383665, mobile: 07790 736192. E-mail: Secretary: Ms Judy Fairburn. Telephone: 01556 670037. 
E-mail:      Mr M Goddard, Mr J Greener, Miss H Lightfoot, Mr B Mallinson, Mrs M Murray, Miss C Simpson and Mr D Wilkinson.

This information is also available in the Society's Magazine.

Overseas members, please see the Affiliates page