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The Fell Pony Society
2024 Challenge

logo, shield inscribed with 25 yearsOur 2024 Challenge has been launched at the Fell Pony Society AGM, 6th April.

As last year, the challenge is for all Fell Pony Society members in the UK and overseas. Our theme this year is celebrating 25 years of our UK Area Groups. Our Groups are run by volunteers who provide advice and guidance and run events to promote our fabulous Fell Ponies, in the UK and overseas.

Following feedback from members, this year’s challenge is in two parts.

The first part of the challenge is to walk, ride or drive your pony 25 miles and record them on the Challenge form.

The second part of the Challenge is: with your Fell Pony, complete a Photo Bingo Card, spelling the words: REGIONAL GROUPS  
Each photo will have you and your pony in it and will represent a letter. For example: ‘R’ could be a photo of you, your Fell  pony and a rose (you’ll need 2 different photos for both ‘R’ and ‘O’, by the way). ‘E’ could be with you, your Fell pony and an egg. There’s a Photo Bingo Card to fill in with the relevant word for the photo, eg, ‘rose’, ‘egg’ etc, so you know where you’ve got to with your pictures. Once complete pop your 14 photos onto the Facebook page The 2024 Fell Pony Society Challenge using the hashtag #FPSGroups25. Your group of 14 photographs can be uploaded to Facebook as a collage, or as individual photos in an album: click on the word Media at the top of the screen, then Albums / + Create Album.

Both the 25 miles and the Photo Bingo Card must be completed to achieve the challenge, and to receive your beautiful rosette.


The Challenge launched on 6th April at the AGM, and closes on 31st October.

To enter please fill in your details on the registration form and arrange for them to be sent to your Area Group Representative. The registration fee for each FPS Member taking part in the 2024 challenge is £10 (£15 if you are outside the UK, to cover postage of the rosette). You can enter multiple times but each entry costs £10.

Please record your miles and photos on the tracker form and Bingo card. When you complete, please return your completed tracker form and Bingo card to your Area Representative by 31st October 2024.

Celebrations will take place at the end of the year with Area groups hosting events to present your rosettes – a chance to meet up with fellow Fell Pony friends and do what we do so well, and take a group photo to mark 25 years together.

Jane Rawden

In the meantime, do join the Society so you can take part!


Registration form

Tracker form and Bingo card

You don't need to join your Area Group (though they'd really like it if you did), but you must be a current FPS member.

UK Area Group Representatives for the 2024 Challenge

Scotland North

Jacqueline Cheetham
(Note: Scotland North Group is happy to do Scotland South Group forms and entries etc. as we did last year)

Scotland South

Judy Fairburn (also see Scotland North forms/entries note)

North West

Catherine Wrigley

North East

Eileen Walker

Midlands West

Diane Key

Midlands East

Nic Brierley

South West

Sue Howes
(Note: South West Group is happy to do South East Group forms and entries etc. as we did last year)

South East

Rowena Day (also see South West forms/entries note)

If you are not sure which UK Area you belong to, please consult the UK map in the Spring 2024 Magazine (p64), or the Area Support Groups page,

Overseas Contacts for the 2024 Challenge

North American entrants, please contact:

For more Overseas contacts, please see the Overseas Affiliates page:

For members in any Overseas countries, if there is no-one able to deal with your entry money, please contact:
Michael Goddard,

Any other questions, please contact:
or look on the Facebook page The 2024 Fell Pony Society Challenge



Jane Rawden
Katherine Wilkinson
Eileen Walker
Claire Simpson
Glenis Cockbain
Sue Millard
Janet Wood
Cath Wrigley
Victoria Parker
Nicola Chippendale
Samantha Audley
Liz Whitley



Reminders of the Centenary

Limited Edition Silk Head Scarf

Having presented Her Majesty The Queen with her personal gift at Royal Windsor Horse Show, to share the Centenary Celebrations we asked David Watson and Laura Pennell if they would allow The Fell Pony Society to produce a limited edition of the silk head scarf.

purple silk headscarf with black pony heads and white flowers

A few are still available to order direct from The Fell Pony Society office, £100 plus £10 P & P for special delivery.  Available via mail order only. E-mail: or

Read More >>> about the story of the scarf. 22 May 2022

Educational Video: The Fell Pony - Type and Conformation

Tom Lloyd's new DVD was launched at the Stallion & Colt Show 2022. This is part of the Society's educational activities as a charity, in celebration of our 100th year. It is available to purchase from the Society, £15 & P&P. You can also watch it online on Tom's Vimeo account or his Facebook page

14 May 2022

Midlands East Centenary Book

Midlands East Area Support Group are gathering material for a Centenary Book showcasing Fell Ponies from the region over the last 100 years (for more details please see Midlands East Group Page). January 2022

Centenary Book 2022

Celebrating 100 years of looking after the Fell Pony breed: read more at Jackdaw E Books and see how to get your copy from the Society Office
  1 Jan 2022