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The Fell Pony Society

Registered Charity, Number 1104945.
The Fell Pony Society is a Company Limited by Guarantee 3233346.

Patron: Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

The Fell Pony Society's aim is to foster and keep pure the old breed of pony which has roamed the northern fells for years and to circulate knowledge and general information about the pony breed.

The Society deals with the Registration of Ponies, applications for Membership and export matters. It produces two Magazines per year, lists of ponies for sale and a regular calendar of events.


Bank House, Boroughgate, Appleby, Cumbria CA16 6XF.

Office E-mail:
Temporary email is also still active:
Tel/Fax: 0 17683 53100.

The office is manned Monday to Thursday. You can leave a voice message or send an email to if the Secretary is unavailable. Visitors will only be seen by appointment.

Payments to the Society

Payments to the Society can be made by post, BACS or bank transfer. Cheques or postal orders should be made payable to "The Fell Pony Society". BACS details here. All Bank transfers should be in English pounds sterling and any charges should be paid in the country of origin.
Also, our bank makes a charge for the receipt of an electronic transfer from overseas please add 2 for transactions up to 100 and 7 for transactions greater than 100. The Society does not have the facility to take card payments.

If you wish to pay your membership by Standing Order, please request a mandate to set the payment up with your bank, because the Society cannot do it on your behalf.

Updated 14 October 2021



It is with deepest sorrow that the Fell Pony Society marks the death of our Sovereign and Patron, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. The Queen has served as Patron of the Fell Pony Society since 1982. Her  love of horses and ponies will be greatly missed. We join the wider equestrian community in mourning her loss and we are grateful for her generosity to us during the 40 years of her patronage. We send our sincere condolences to the Royal Family. 9 September 2022

Full details of News items can be found on the News Page

Requests to donate to the Society in memory of Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

The Secretary is now being asked by members if the Society will be accepting donations in memory of our late Patron.

Following today's Council meeting we are adding this link to the Society's bank details for donations. Please, when you donate, identify the transaction (eg, "donation QE2") and also email the secretary with that information - that enables her to identify your donation for accounting purposes and she will be able to thank you in due course.  13 Sept 2022

Agenda for FPS Council meeting

Agenda November 2022

(this is an active link only when a Council meeting is due)

Fake "phishing" emails

We have been notified of a spate of fake emails pretending to be from the Society Office but the Reply-To: is "Pony Society The Fell" going to an email not associated with the Society. Advice here! More >>>6 June 2022

Limited Edition Silk Centenary Headscarf

See the Centenary page for details of this limited edition offer More >>> 22 May 2022

FPS 2022 Centenary Merchandise

Badges, Fridge Magnets and Keyrings; China Mugs, Coasters, Bags; T-shirts and Polo shirts all with the Centenary logo More >>> 23 Feb 2022


No member shall be entitled to vote for the election of the Council if his or her subscription has not been paid on or before 15 February.

There are still a number of members who have not updated their Standing Order from last year, from 25 to 30. If this applies to you and you wish to remain a full member of the Society then please send the 5 owing by the 15 February if you wish to vote for Council.

If the 5 owing is not received these memberships will be processed as Associates with a 5 donation. 9 Feb 2022

DEFRA Updates Animal Health Regulation (AHR) Frequently Asked Questions

The new AHR Export Health Certificates (EHCs) will need to be used from 15 January 2022. More >>> 28 Sept 2021

Launch of the new Grassroots Online Registry

The new look Grassroots Online Registry replaces the old Pedeweb. More >>> 14 October 2021

Changes to Animal Health Certificates for Export

The EU is making changes to its laws through the EU Animal Health Regulations (AHR). The AHR mean that the Export Health Certificates (EHCs) used to export equines to the EU, and move them to Northern Ireland, will be changing from 21st August 2021. More >>> 6 August 2021

Important information for all who export live animals to the EU.

Animal Health Regulations (2021) (6 July 2021)

Enquiries from EU owners and breeders

Please contact the FPS office by email, if you have any queries regarding the issue and updating of passports for Fell Ponies in the EU.

The FPS can continue to issue Stallion Licences for Fell Ponies in the EU.


14 Sept 2021

More >>>

Equine Passports

What to do when you buy or sell a pony, geld a colt or stallion, or a pony dies. More >>>

1 - When you purchase a Pony

Paperwork to check when purchasing. More >>>

2 - While you are an Owner

IMPORTANT: Please read about your passport responsibilities! More >>>

3 - Death of a Pony

You MUST return the passport to the FPS office. More >>>

4 - Compulsory Microchipping

With effect from 1 October 2020 it will be a legal requirement for all horses in England to be microchipped (this applies in Wales from 12 February 2021 and in Scotland from 28 March 2021).

When your vet implants a chip for the first time, the barcode label should be placed in the passport with the stamp and signature of the vet beside. The owner should send either the passport or a scanned copy of the passport to the Society as soon as possible so that the records can be updated.

Updated 4 July 2018

Fell Pony Stud Book - Grassroots

To access animal details, member details, pedigrees and progeny lists via the Grassroots database, log in using the link below, with your access number (not your membership number) and password, as notified to members since Spring 2009. This service is free to Society members.

The Grassroots Online Registry has been updated (25 May 2022) and the interface looks slightly different but should function as before.

Grassroots database original link >>>
Alternative link (if the original link has changed for you): Grassroots 2021 >>>


November 2, 2021