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APPLICATION FORM for Registered Ponies for Sale

Please e-mail advertisement details to: secretary@fellponysociety - digital text is appreciated as it saves the office having to re-type your advertisement details.

Asterisk* indicates required information

Pony's name, & Registration number*


Sire's name, & Registration number*


Dam's name, & Registration number*


Colour, Sex*, Year of Birth*

Height / expected height


Has this pony been listed before? Yes / No

If so, were photos sent with earlier submission/s? Yes / No

If so, please give the approximate date of the previous advertisement,
to help us locate the original photos:

Short Description



Vendor's Name*

Vendor's FPS membership Number* (will not be published)

Address (your locality will be displayed but not your exact address)



Post Code

E-mail address

Contact telephone number

Please indicate in which Section** of the Sales List your advertisement is best suited to be entered.

**Section 1 - Foals, Yearlings and Two Year Olds.
Section 2 - Three and Four Year Olds
Section 3 - Five Years and Over
Section 4 - Stud adverts
Section 5 - Wanted

Please let the Office know when the listing can be removed from the list.

Details will be included and remain on the list for a maximum period of three months. Advertisements over 3 months old (12 in the case of stud ads) will be removed and archived if not renewed.

Please e-mail advertisement details to: - digital text is appreciated as it saves the office having to re-type your advertisement details. If you are sending paper copy please address it to:

FPS Sales List, Bank House, Boroughgate, Appleby, Cumbria, CA16 6XF

The sales list can be accessed on the Fell Pony Web Site ( or a printed copy is available on receipt of 3 + SAE.  Enquiries to FPS Office: Tel 01768 353100, or e-mail: 

Photos may be included in posted listings in the sales list by emailing JPG/JPEG image files to the FPS office, as above. Please DO NOT send any other image format (especially BMP or TIF). Only JPG files will be accepted. They do not need to be larger than 2Mb in size. Also, please clearly identify the listing to which the image is to be attached by specifying the name of the pony in the filename. Up to 3 photos per listing can be accommodated.

Version date: 14 October 2022