Image Submission Policy
for the Fell Pony Society web site

Members are invited to submit images for inclusion in the Photo Gallery portion of the Fell Pony Society's web site.  Please indicate in your email that the images are intended for the FPS Photo Gallery.

The following conditions apply to these submissions.  Anyone submitting an image must have read, understood and agreed to these conditions.  

  1. The submitter must declare that they either hold the copyright for the image or have permission from the copyright holder for this use of the image. The copyright holder is normally the person who created the image, ie the photographer. The person in the photograph, or the owner of the animal in the image, is NOT automatically a copyright holder. PLEASE CHECK. Images submitted which are later challenged on copyright grounds will be taken off the Gallery. Submission of the image implicitly grants the right to display the image on this web site. 

  2. Images may be submitted for consideration in a number of ways:

    1. Electronically via email (the preferred mechanism)
      Submissions should be mailed to sue <at> (replace the " <at> " with the "@" - sorry for the inconvenience - I'm trying to foil the spam-bots)
      Images should be in either GIF or JPG format (JPG preferred).  Please DO NOT submit huge, high resolution image files.  Images posted on the FPS website will not exceed 800 pixels on their longest side.  Please crop and resize your images prior to submission: suggested methods below:

      1. For Outlook/Outlook Express and other PC-based email programs: Save the image into a folder, then go to My Computer and open that folder, and then right-click the photo. From the menu pick "send to" >> "mail recipient." There is an option to "make all my pictures smaller" when sending - also click the "More Options" link on that little dialogue box, and pick "medium - 600 by 800" - it should resize, and open your mail program with a message ready to send, with the resized image attached.
      2. For Hotmail/Gmail and other server-based programs: Open the picture in Paint or another picture editor, and save it as a small JPG no larger than 800 pixels wide.

        Please write in the subject line, FPS Photo Gallery.  Please provide complete caption information in the email. 

    2. Physical post / mail.  Physical image submissions must be in print form (no slides or negatives will be accepted).  If you wish to have your photos returned to you you must provide a self addressed stamped envelope suitable for appropriate packaging (the same packaging used to ship the image to us).  We will treat photos destined for return with reasonable care, but we cannot be responsible for the handling by the postal service(s).   Photos should be sent to: 
      FPS Photo Gallery, Mrs Sue Millard, Daw Bank, Greenholme, Tebay, Penrith, Cumbria CA10 3TA, UK.

    Regardless of the image submission method used, please provide all necessary captioning information and a means to contact you if we have any questions (either email address or phone number, preferably an email address).

  3. Submissions are screened.  The site's webmaster and the FPS Office are responsible for determining which images should be included.  Decision criteria include: the degree to which the image features Fell ponies (cf., people), image quality and general appropriateness of the image.  Images used in the Magazine will not normally be included here because Magazines are made available online within 6 months of publication. We are also trying to avoid having too many "me and my pony" portraits as well, instead hoping to feature ponies in action.

  4. No fees will be paid by the Fell Pony Society to anyone for the right to display the submitted image.  If fees are required for the right to display the submitted image do not bother submitting the image.

  5. We would like to caption images concisely and appropriately.  Information that can be included includes: names of Fell ponies and people in the image, date when image was made, name of photographer, any copyright statement, and a VERY brief title or descriptive text.  We will not include any captioning that asserts a pony is representative of the breed.

  6. We only wish to display images of Fell ponies that are not otherwise already available on the world wide web.  So, if the image is already available on the world wide web via a publicly accessible means, please do not submit the image.  If after submission of an image for inclusion in the Fell Pony Society's website's Photo Gallery the image is placed somewhere else on the world wide web, please inform the site's webmaster (sue <at> the " <at> " with the "@" - sorry for the inconvenience - I'm trying to foil the spam- bots)) so the image may be removed from the Photo Gallery.  

  7. The Fell Pony Society reserves the right to edit images.  Generally editing will be limited to cropping to remove extraneous image material and sizing and positioning appropriate for display in the Photo Gallery. 

  8. We will endeavour to keep the representation of ponies from a particular breeder or region in balance.  We will try to avoid lopsided representation.  The purpose of this site and the Photo Gallery portion of the site is to promote the Fell pony breed, not to promote the interests of any particular breeder.  Please do not submit a lot of photos and expect us to decide -- do your own screening.  


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