FPS MESG Sandringham Show

7 May 2016




In hand


1.      Jane Rawden and Samantha Audley’s Bracklinn Glayva

2.      Rachael Nicholls’ Linnel Finale

3.      Louise Bowles’ Linnel Primrose

4.      Kim Osborne’s Bybeck Northern Dancer

Mares 4 years and over

1.      Jenny Crane’s Greenholme Caitlin

2.      Judy Hill’s Shepparton Lucy-Victoria

Geldings 4 years and over

1.      Tom Webster’s Llancloudy Jackson

2.      Jane Rawden’s Murthwaite Looks Promising

3.      Shaun Rogerson’s Murthwaite Frosty Morn

4.      R. Lake’s Greenhead George

5.      R. Lake’s Waverhead Duke

Child Handler

1.      Linnel Primrose

2.      Bybeck Northern Dancer

3.      (New Forest)

4.      Molly Webster and Llancloudy Jackson

5.      (Shetland)

6.      (Welsh X)

In hand Championship

Champion   Greenholme Caitlin

Reserve Champion   Llancloudy Jackson

Bewcastle Boy Blue Inter Area representative

Greenholme Caitlin



Adult rider

1.      Greenholme Caitlin (Tamsyn Bell-Heather)

2.      Nicola Clarke’s Lunesdale Spirit

3.      Murthwaite Looks Promising

4.      Catriona Paterson’s Meres Just-a-Mo

5.      Lisa Dunger’s Shepparton Tara

Child rider

1.      Amelia Hill and Shepparton Lucy-Victoria

2.      Molly Webster and Llancloudy Jackson

Traditional Ridden

1.      Lunesdale Spirit

2.      (Dales)

3.      (Welsh A)

4.      Llancloudy Jackson

5.      Julia Prentice’s New Times Silver Ghost

6.      (Haflinger)

Family Equine

1.      Meres Just-a-Mo

2.      Llancloudy Jackson

3.      (Haflinger)

4.      (Welsh A)

Ridden Championship

Champion      Greenholme Caitlin

Reserve Champion     Lunesdale Spirit

Supreme Champion      Greenholme Caitlin

Reserve   Lunesdale Spirit

Champion of Champions

Greenholme Caitlin



Intro C

      2. Shepparton Tara


Prelim 2

      1. Meres Just-a-Mo

Novice 27

       1. Meres Just-a-Mo

First time ridden combination

       1. Lunesdale Spirit and Nicola Clark

Long reining

       3. New Times Silver Ghost

Best trimmed feet

       2. New Times Silver Ghost

Very Novice WHP

       1. New Times Silver Ghost

Novice WHP

        1. Lunesdale Spirit

        3. Meres Just-a-Mo


Overall WHP Champion

Lunesdale Spirit