Southern Breed Show 2007
Supreme Champion Llancloudy Gabriel Reserve Severnvale Rosie
In Hand Champion Llancloudy Gabriel Reserve Severnvale Rosie
Ridden Champion Picton Lucky Lord Reserve Wolds Storm Petrel
Mare Champion Severnvale Rosie Reserve Shirdleyhill Tara
Gelding Champion Picton Lucky Lord Reserve Ffrethi Commodore
Youngstock Champion Severnvale Gracie Reserve Townend Barty
In Hand Turnout Llancloudy Gabriel Reserve Picton Lucky Lord
Bay or Brown In hand Greenholme Flame Reserve Robbswater Ripple
Children's Ridden Ch Wolds Storm Petrel Reserve Shilvinghampton Rosanna May
Children's Ridden Turnout Wolds Storm Petrel Reserve Shilvinghampton Rosanna May
Non-black Ridden Ch Scotgate Spectrum Reserve Meres Julie-Anne
Owner bred Champion Severnvale Rosie Reserve Picton Lucky Lord
Ridden Turnout Dalefoot Sinbad Reserve Wolds Storm Petrel
Performance Wolds Storm Petrel Reserve Scotgate Spectrum
Versatility Challenge Heltondale Lucy XI
Class 1st 2nd 3rd
1 Llancloudy Gabriel Inglegarth Impulse
2 Browdale Bethany Shepparton Felicity
3 Shirdleyhill Tara Wolds Storm Petrel Heltondale Lucy XI
4 Severnvale Rosie Tebay Pauline Hazel of the Wolds
5 Severnvale Hereward Severnvale Hero Merrythorpe Scrumpy Jack
6 Ffrethi Commodore Greenholme Flame Greenholm Terry
7 Picton Lucky Lord
8 Severnvale Grace Severnvale Gypsy Rose
9 Townend Barty
10 Orton Hall Davie Roddlesworth Nancy Bowness Acer
11 Hiljon Black Magic Hazel of the Wolds Wolds Capercaille
12 Shirdleyhill Tara Scotgate Spectrum Dalefoot Sinbad
Wolds Storm Petrel Roddlesworth Nancy Orton Hall Davie
13 Llancloudy Gabriel
14 Wolds Storm Petrel Shirdleyhill Tara Honeys Heather
15 Scotgate Spectrum
16 Picton Lucky Lord Meregill Merlin
17 Bracklinn Maggie Shepparton Lucy Victoria
18 Bewcastle Bulbarrow Dalefoot Sinbad Lockholme Thomas
19 Shepparton Lucy Victoria Shilvinghampton Rosanna May
20 Wolds Storm Petrel Shilvinghampton Rosanna May
22 Clandon Gabriella Heltondale Ruby III
23 Shirdleyhill Tara Scotgate Spectrum Shepparton Felicity
Wolds Storm Petrel Meres Julie-Anne Townend Hamish II
24 Scotgate Spectrum Mergill Merlin Dalefoot Sinbad
25 Honeys Heather Meres Julie-Anne
26 Honeys Heather
27 Mergill Merlin (driven as a tandem)
Heltondale Lucy XI
28 Dalefoot Sinbad Browdale Bethany Shepparton Lucy Victoria
29 Browdale Bethany
30 Wolds Storm Petrel
31 Scotgate Spectrum Shilvinghampton Rosanna May Shepparton Lucy Victoria
32 Meres Julie-Anne Clandon Gabriella Heltondale Ruby III