Judge Mr TH Harrison (Sleddale ponies)


CLASS 1††††††††††† Registered Yearling Colts


1st††††††††††† Lunesdale IíM the Man (FP70165C)Owner and Breeder Mr and Mrs Morland

2nd††††††††††† Murthwaite John Tom (FP70224C) Owner D Crow Breeder Mr TB Capstick

3rd††††††††††† Wellbrow Black Prince (FP70228C) Owner and Breeder A&M Thorpe


CLASS 2††††††††††† Registered Two Year Old Colts


1st††††††††††† Carrock IíM Yer Man (FP51327C) Owner A Smith Breeder Mrs G Cockbain

2nd††††††††††† Banksgate Jackdaw (FP70064C) Owner and Breeder A&ED Ashcroft

3rd††††††††††† Auckside Tom (FP70081C) Owner and Breeder Mr B Smith


CLASS 3††††††††††† Registered Stallions 3 and 4 years old


1st††††††††††† Townend Rally (FP51093C) Owner A&ED Ashcroft Breeder Mr EM Wilson

2nd††††††††††† Foalsyke Robbie (FP51316C) Owner and Breeder Miss A Richardson

3rd††††††††††† Ludworth Viking (FP51173C) Owner and Breeder Mrs P Kell


CLASS 4††††††††††† Registered Stallions 5 to 9 years old


1st††††††††††† Murthwaite Look at Me (FP51001C) Owner and Breeder Mr TB Capstick

2nd††††††††††† Severnvale Grey Bobby (FP50712C) Owner Mr P Metcalfe Breeder Mr G Guy

3rd††††††††††† Heltondale Pride III (FP50370C) Owner Mrs A Shuker Breeder Late Mr S Noble


CLASS 5†††††††† Registered Stallions 10 years and over


1st††††††††††† Lownthwaite Gary (FP825C) Owner Mrs H Lightfoot Breeder Mr HF Wales

2nd††††††††††† Underwoods Drummer (FP50102C) Owner Dr Jane Barker and Partners Breeder Mrs CY Ross-Thompson Exhibitor Mrs SC Morton


CLASS 6††††††††††† Stallions 4 years and over under saddle


1st††††††††††† Stennerskeugh Bert (FP50680C) Owner C Clayton Breeder Mr N Beaty

2nd††††††††††† Underwoods Drummer

3rd††††††††††† Severnvale Grey Bobby


CLASS 7††††††††††† Stallions or Geldings shown in harness


1st††††††††††† Severnvale Grey Bobby with Lunesdale Prince Henry in tandem

2nd††††††† Tebay Tommy FP 50067G Owner Mrs S Millard Breeder Mr DJ Trotter

3rd††††††† Orton Hall Dennis (FP51003C) Owner Mr M Rawlinson Breeder Mrs Robinson



CLASS 8 Stallion or Gelding 3 years old and over with best set of feet shod


1st††††††††††† Heltondale Pride III †††††† ††††††††††† Blacksmith R Lewis

2nd††††††††††† Severnvale Grey Bobby ††††††††††† Blacksmith D Fearnhead

3rd††††††††††† Wellbrow Renegade††††††† ††††††††††† Blacksmith S&D Sargeant


Youngstock Champion

Lunesdale Iím The Man

2004.StallionShow.YoungstockChampion.LunesdaleI'mTheMan.jpg (41815 bytes)

Youngstock Reserve

Carrock Iím Yer Man




SupremeChampion.MurthwaiteLookAtMe.1.jpg (26201 bytes)

Supreme Champion

Murthwaite Look at Me

SupremeChampion.MurthwaiteLookAtMe.2.jpg (189289 bytes)


Severnvale Grey Bobby

ReserveChampion.SevernvaleGreyBobby.jpg (41917 bytes)



Veteran Trophy


Lownthwaite Gary