Sunday, 12th September, 2004



Shotover House, Wheatley, Oxon.



by kind permission of Sir John Miller






Mrs S Edwards:                            Classes 1, 5, 8-10, 14, 17


Mrs P Campbell:                           Classes 2-4, 11, 13, 18 22


Mrs P Randell:                              Classes 6, 7, 8,15, 16, 19-21


Mr M Goddard:                              Classes 24, 25, 26 32


Hugh and Elisabeth Marshall:       Classes 31, 29


Mrs S Audley & family:                  Fancy Dress
1.         Stallions 2 years and over


1st         65 Stockclough Joseph              2nd       28 Llancloudy Gabriel

3rd         29 Lownthwaite Caithness          4th        18 Greenholme Tony


2.         Mares 4-8

1st         71 Underwoods Iolanthe  2nd       62 Shirdley Hill Tara      

3rd         35 Lunesdale Keely                    4th         44 Meres Julie-Anne

5th         31 Lownthwaite Rheged              6th         26 Honeys Heather of



3.         Mares 9+

1st         70 Underwoods Fortune              2nd        57 Robbswater Ripple

3rd         68 Townend Honour II                 4th        45 Meres Joker III

5th        85 Hades Hill Fay                      6th        34 Ludworth Pixie


4.         Brood Mare

1st         59 Severnvale Rosie                   2nd        20 Hazel of the Wolds

3rd         33 Ludworth Mae                       4th        79 Wolds Cuckoo

5th        64 Sprint Ghyll Bessie               


Mare Champion (Brambleleigh Trophy): 59 Severnvale Rosie

Reserve: 71 Underwoods Iolanthe           


5.         Foal

1st         58 Severnvale Emily                   2nd        6 Cowbridge Jack-the-




6.         Geldings 4-8

1st         66 Studley Valentine                  2nd        24 Hesworth Topaz

3rd         36 Lunesdale Major                    4th         9 Dene Beau Bawbee

5th        82 Wolds Swift



7.         Geldings 9+

1st        49 Murthwaite Roly                    2nd        51 Owls Lucky Surprise

3rd         77 Wolds Black Grouse              4th         21 Heltondale Lofty III


Gelding Champion (Tarnbeck Trophy): Murthwaite Roly

Reserve: 66 Studley Valentine


8.         Yearling

1st         47 Midtown Monty                      2nd        2 Bamptonfair Flora

3rd         60 Shepparton Felicity                                        



9.         2 year old

1st         61 Shepparton Lucy Victoria       2nd       73 Underwoods Miranda

3rd        46 Midtown Moment of Madness


10.        3 year old Filly or Gelding

1st         84 Wolds Woodlark                    2nd        17 Greenholme Terry


Youngstock Champion (Coltscroft Trophy): 47 Midtown Monty

Reserve: 2 Bamptonfair Flora


11.        Veteran

1st         74 Waverhead Black Magic         2nd        21 Hiljohn Black Magic

3rd         57 Robbswater Ripple                 4th        20 Hazel of the Wolds

5th        19 Heltondale Delia III                 6th        68 Townend Honour II


12.        In-hand Pairs

1st         Wolds Storm Petrel & Wolds Black Grouse        

2nd        Wolds Cuckoo & Shirdley Hill Tara

3rd         Midtown Monty and Bamptonfair Flora

4th         Wolds Capercaille & Meregill Merlin        

5th         Meres Joker III & Hazel of the Wolds      


Best turned out in-hand (Lowmoat Judy Trophy): Lunesdale Major

Reserve: Murthwaite Roly


Best Bay or Brown in-hand (Heltondale V Rosebowl): Robbswater Ripple

Reserve: Murthwaite Roly


In-hand Champion (FPS Trophy): Severnvale Rosie (& FPS Special rosette)

Reserve: Waverhead Black Magic



14.        Mare

1st         70 Underwoods Fortune              2nd        56 Rosemere Hannaf

3rd         81 Wolds Storm Petrel               4th         35 Lunesdale Keely

5th         44 Meres Julie-Anne                   6th        26 Honeys Heather of



15.        Gelding 4-8 years old

1st         88 Waverhead Ted                     2nd        36 Lunesdale Major

3rd         4 Buttondown Jack                     4th         9  Dene Beau Bawbee



16.               Gelding 9 years old and over

1st         49 Murthwaite Roly                    2nd        21 Heltondale Lofty III    

3rd         77 Wolds Black Grouse             4th         51 Owls Lucky Surprise


17.        Novice Ridden Mare

1st         62 Shirdley Hill Tara                   2nd        50 Old Mill Mystique

3rd         26 Honeys Heather of Quimper    4th         34 Ludworth Pixie

5th         23 Heltondale Ruby III                 6th         42 Meadow Valley



18.        Novice Ridden Gelding

1st         36 Lunesdale Major                    2nd        43 Meregill Merlin

3rd        4 Buttondown Jack                     4th        82 Wolds Swift

5th        24 Hesworth Topaz                    6th        66 Studley Valentine


19.        Children’s ridden - led

1st         66 Studley Valentine     


20.        Children’s ridden 6-12 years

1st         78 Wolds Capercaille                 2nd        83 Wolds Twite

3rd         80 Wolds Lapwing                      4th        23 Heltondale Ruby III


21.        Children’s ridden – 13-16 years

1st         81 Wolds Storm Petrel

Children’s Champion (Wolds Oriole Trophy)(& FPS Special):

 Wolds Storm Petrel

Reserve: Wolds Capercaille


Children’s Turnout (Lucky Boy of Flamville Memorial Shield):

Wolds Storm Petrel

                                   Reserve: Studley Valentine


22.        Ridden Veteren

1st         30 Lownthwaite Hotshot              2nd        74 Waverhead Black


3rd         78 Wolds Capercaille                 4th         83 Wolds Twite

5th        5 Clandon Gabriella                    6th        80 Wolds Lapwing                     


Wolds Black Grouse and Wolds Storm Petrel

23.        Ridden Pairs

1st         Wolds Black Grouse and Wolds Storm Petrel     

2nd        Wolds Capercaille and Meadow Valley Twilight

3rd        Ludworth Pixie and Old Mill Mystique

4th        Clandon Gabriella and Heltondale Ruby III

5th        Wolds Lapwing and Wolds Twite

6th        Shirdley Hill Tara and Murthwaite Roly


24.        Novice Working Hunter Pony

1st         24 Hesworth Topaz                    2nd        50 Old Mill Mystique

3rd         34 Ludworth Pixie                      4th         5 Clandon Gabriella

5th =      42 Meadow Valley Twilight & 83 Wolds Twite

6th        80 Wolds Lapwing


25.        Intermediate Working Hunter Pony

1st         70 Underwoods Fortune              2nd        50 Old Mill Mystique


26.        Open Working Hunter Pony

1st         70 Underwoods Fortune 


Working Hunter Pony Champion (Lynfield Trophy) (& FPS Special):

Hesworth Topaz

Reserve: Underwoods Fortune


27.        Driving

1st         43 Meregill Merlin                       2nd        51 Owls Lucky Surprise

3rd         32 Lucky of Hiljon          3rd = 1 Admergill Alexander


28.        Cone Driving



29.        Handy Pony

1st         56 Rosemere Hannah                 2nd        50 Old Mill Mystique

3rd        77 Wolds Black Grouse

4th                  68 Townend Honour                    4th =      32 Lucky of Hiljon

6th         62 Shirdley Hill Tara


30.        Fancy Dress

1st         50 Old Mill Mystique                  2nd        5 Clandon Gabriella

3rd         83 Wolds Twite                          4th         80 Wolds Lapwing

5th        42 Meadow Valley Twilight          6th        21 Heltondale Lofty III

                                                            6th =      78 Wolds Capercaille

31.        Child Handler

1st         81 Wolds Storm Petrel               2nd        56 Rosemere Hannah    

3rd         78 Wolds Capercaille                 4th         80 Wolds Lapwing

4th =      83 Wolds Twite

6th         1 Admergill Alexander


32.        Two Generations

1st         50 Old Mill Mystique                  2nd        77 Wolds Black Grouse

3rd         12 Flechnie Major Rob                4th         5 Clandon Gabriella

5th         78 Wolds Capercaille                 6th         26 Honeys Heather of



Ridden Champion (Heltondale Red Rose Trophy)(& FPS Special): Waverhead Ted

Reserve: Waverhead Black Magic


Ridden Turnout Champion (Bushby Rock Rose Trophy):

Wolds Storm Petrel

Reserve: Waverhead Ted


Best Non-black Fell (Ridden) Wolds Golden Plover Memorial Trophy:

Murthwaite Roly

Reserve: Meres Julie-Anne

Best Non-black Fell (Ridden) Wolds Golden Plover Memorial Trophy:
Murthwaite Roly

Show Champion (Fell Pony Society Southern Show Trophy):

Severnvale Rosie

Reserve: Waverhead Ted


Breeder of Show Champion (Longsdon Trophy): Mr G Guy


Supreme Champion Severnvale Rosie


Points Winner (Shilstone Rocks Blackberry Performance Trophy):

Old Mill Mystique

Reserve: Underwoods Fortune and Wolds Black Grouse



Breeder of Points Winner (Averill Parker Memorial Trophy)



Shepparton Versatility Challenge Trophy for driving, riding and in-hand:

Owl’s Lucky Surprise

Reserve: Lucky of Hiljon