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Supreme Champion
with Sir John Miller

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Reserve Supreme Champion

Fell Pony Society
Southern Show


Sunday, 14 September 2003



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Supreme Champion
Lathomdale Crystal

Sunday 14th September: what a glorious, sunny day. As I left the showground at 6.30 p.m. the thermometer in my car read 26C!  The Ambulance service spent the day sunning themselves and they were more likely to have to deal with sunburn than anything! The only first aid needed was a dab of greenoils on a pony on arrival.  That's what we like!

We had the usual happy show (for all but five minutes) and I thank those people who came to say what a lovely day they had had.  Organising and running the show is hard work and those few words of thanks make all the difference to those few people who have spent 12 months preparing the day.

Judges this year were Barry Mallinson (ring 1), Beverley Hodgson (ring 2), David Sykes (ring 3), Elaine Kind (WHP), Hugh and Elisabeth Marshall (young handler and Handy Pony) and Mary Longsdon (driving). They all worked extremely hard to accommodate those people who had entered classes that clashed with each other and maintained the smiles on their faces.  Our sincere thanks go to them.

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Reserve Supreme Champion
Wolds Laverock

Our stewards did an excellent job as usual, and we were in the unusual situation of having a surplus of stewards, since Elaine brought her own.  Thank you to those wonderful stewards.  Christine Walker did the commentary brilliantly and there were no complaints of not being able to hear.  We also have all those people who work behind the scenes, without whom the show would grind to a halt: thank you, you know who you are!

2003SouthernShow.WindybankDukesRose.jpg (120142 bytes)
Driving Champion
Windybank Duke's Rose

We were again pleased to see Sir John Miller at the show for most of the day and were glad that he was able to present the lovely painting to the Supreme Champion, Lathomdale Crystal.  We are indebted to Sir John for his generosity in allowing us to use his park: it is a truly beautiful setting and it may be a long way to the toilets, but the bonus of seeing his "back garden" makes it a very worthwhile trip.

Finally, the show would not be possible without the 64 sponsors: thank you so much.  If anybody would like to sponsor a class for 2004, Mary Longsdon will gladly take 10 (or multiples thereof) from you!  Schedules for next years show will be sent to all competitors who entered this year and last and will be available on receipt of a stamped, addressed C5 envelope after the end of April.


Supreme Champion Lathomdale Crystal  Mrs C Ross-Thompson
Reserve  Wolds Laverock Miss J Glass
In Hand Champion Shirdleyhill Tara Mrs J Hill
Reserve   Wolds Laverock Miss J Glass
Ridden Champion  Lathomdale Crystal
Reserve  Inglegarth Celebrity  Miss A. L. Ravenscroft
Youngstock Champion   Wolds Laverock Miss J Glass
Reserve   Midtown Moment of Madness Mrs A Norman
WHP Champion   Underwoods Emperor Mr & Mrs C Jones
Reserve  Underwoods Fortune Mrs C Ross-Thompson
Points Champion Wolds Black Grouse Miss J Glass
In hand turnout Sleddale John II Mr & Mrs D Patterson & Miss J Patterson
Reserve  Wellbrow Carmen Mr & Mrs A Thorpe
Ridden turnout   Lathomdale Crystal Mrs C Ross Thompson
Reserve  Wolds Storm Petrel  Mrs L Brooks
Childrens Ridden Champion Inglegarth Celebrity Miss A. L. Ravenscroft
Reserve  Drybarrows Jill  Mr and Mrs A Thorpe
Driving   Windybank Duke's Rose Mrs E Marshall
Shepparton Versatility Challenge   Owl's Lucky Surprise Mr L Surgey
Best Bay or Brown Meres Julie-Anne Mrs D McGrail
Reserve  Wolds Laverock Miss J Glass
Mare Champion   Meres Julie-Anne Mrs D McGrail
Reserve  Shirdleyhill Tara Mrs J Hill
Gelding Champion   Sleddale John Mr & Mrs D & Miss J Paterson
Reserve  Underwoods Emperor Mr & Mrs C Jones
Best non-black Fell 
Drybarrows Jill  Mr and Mrs A Thorpe

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