Fell Pony Society Breed Show

3 August 2002

20020803_LunesdaleMountainPrincess_BreedShow_RiddenChampion.jpg (135382 bytes)
Ridden Champion Lunesdale Montain Princess
Ridden by Emma Woolley
Photo By Valerie Russell

Class 1 - Mares 4 - 7 Years Old
1st Murthwaite Mulan FP3291 Mr TB Capstick
2nd Lunesdale Evening Star FP2720 Mr and Mrs Morland
3rd Murthwaite Rosebud FP3292 Mr TB Capstick
Class 2 - Mares 8 Years And Over
1st Lownthwaite Bramble FP1985 Miss A Morton
2nd Tarnbeck Sheba FP1628 D&G Williamson
3rd Hardendale Heather FP2262 Mr GHB Mallinson
Class 3 - Mare 4 Years And Upward With Own Filly Foal At Foot
1st Heltondale Misty IV FP2878 Mr TB Capstick
2nd Barbondale Petal 18113 Mr J Bell
3rd Lownthwaite Fable FP3024 Miss A Morton
Class 4 - Filly Foal
1st Waverhead Jubilee RAF Mr J Bell
2nd Lownthwaite Jubilee RAF Miss A Morton
3rd Murthwaite Molly May Mr TB Capstick
Class 5 - Yearling Filly
1st Waverhead Princess II FP3609 Mr J Bell
2nd Inglegarth Fergie FP3589 Mrs BA Hodgson
3rd Bracklinn Black Beauty FP3664 Mr A Smith
Class 6 - 2 Year Old Filly
1st Lunesdale Lady Rebecca FP3455 Mr and Mrs Morland
2nd Rackwood Magic FP3486 Mrs E Mothersole
3rd hardendale Heather Bell FP3485 Mr GHB Mallinson
Class 7 - 3 Year Old Filly
1st Inglegarth Radiant FP3343 Mrs BA Hodgson
2nd Lunesdale Stardust FP3405 Mr M Rawlinson
3rd Farleton Phoebe FP 3366 Miss C Simpson
Class 8 - Gelding 4 - 7 Years Old
1st Baronshill Bailey FP50864G Mrs L Thompson
2nd Rackwood Thistle FP50779G Mrs E Mothersole
3rd Ludworth Rufus FP50808G Mrs A Cussons
Class 9 - Gelding 8 Years Old And Over
1st Townend Septimus FP723G
2nd Barnend Jack The Lad FP50101G Miss S Forsman
3rd Guards Joseph FP533G Miss S Wardle
Class 10 - Mare 4 Years Old And Upward With Own Colt Foal At Foot  
1st Murthwaite Mayqueen FP1906  Mr M Rawlinson
2nd Tarnbeck Shadow FP2551 Mr and Mrs Williamson
3rd Severnvale Sadie FP3215 Mr G Guy
Class 11 - Colt Foal
1st Thornbeck Samson RAF Mr M Rawlinson
2nd Tarnbeck Sovereign RAF  Mr and Mrs Williamson
3rd Severnvale Cracker RAF Mr G Guy
Class 12 - Yearling Colt or Gelding  
1st Murthwaite Windrush FP51201C Mr Tb Capstick
2nd Hardendale Joe FP51221C Mr GHB Mallinson
3rd Baronshill Breezer FP51205 Mrs L Thompson
Class 13 - Gelding 2 Year Old
1st Murthwaite Sarge FP51107G T Barlow
2nd Townend Herbie FP51098G F & TE Carradus
3rd Wolds Swift Ii FP51124G Miss J Glass
Class 14 - Gelding 3 Year Old
1st Darrenvale Dandy FP51041G Mrs J Marsden
Class 15 - Ridden Geldings 4 Years Old and Upwards
1st Hedgethorpe Blackthorn FP50507G Miss D Chadwick
2nd Lunesdale Rowan FP50384G Mr P Metcalfe
3rd Townend Hamish FP845G Mrs S Peet
Class 16 - Ridden Mares 4 Years and Upwards
1st Lunesdale Honey FP2888  Mr P Metcalfe
2nd Waverhead Rosanna S. Johnson
3rd Darrenvale Rebecca Mrs J Lloyd
Class 17 - Ridden Class For Children 12 Years and Under On Day Of Show
1st Lunesdale White Heather FP3116 Mr N Woolley
2nd Murthwaite Elle Mrs L Scott
3rd Hillhead Laurie Mrs R Williams
Class 18 - Ridden Class For Children 13 - 16 Years
1st Lunesdale Mountain Princess FP3115 Mr N Woolley
2nd Heltondale Bellman III A Downing
3rd Townend Taggart Miss Douglas
Class 19 - Ridden Veteran Class
1st Lazybank Bolero FP256G Mrs J Lloyd
2nd Lowmoat Rodney Sara Hartley
Class 20 - Ridden Novice Geldings
1st Ludworth Rufus Mrs A Cussons
2nd Heltondale Bellman III A Downing
3rd Baronshill Bailey Mrs L Thompson
Class 21 - Ridden Novice Mares
1st Dene Dusky Maid Mrs S Greenwood
2nd Townend Ruffle FP2611 Mr and Mrs Williamson
3rd Murthwaite Elle Mrs L Scott
Class 22 - Mare Progeny
1st Drybarrows Eve Miss J Glass
Class 23 - Stallion Progeny 
1st Lownthwaite Gary Mr J Bell
Class 24 - Driving Class
1st Lunesdale Prince Henry Mr P Metcalfe
2nd Drybarrows Rosanna And Drybarrows Holly II Mr M Jopling
3rd Windybank Duke's Rose FP1582 Mr and Mrs Marshall
Class 25 - Cone Driving
1st Tebay Tommy  Mrs S Millard
2nd Lunesdale Prince Henry Mr P Metcalfe
3rd Windybank Duke's Rose Mr and Mrs Marshall
Class 26 - Handy Pony Competition
1st (J) Murthwaite Elle
2nd (J) Stennerskeugh Andy L Clayton
3rd (J) Heltondale Bracken Vii Miss M Canter
1st (S) Waverhead Rosanna S Johnson
2nd (S) Guards Joseph  Miss S Wardle
Class 27 - Novice Working Hunter Pony
1st Severnvale Hector FP50589C Miss D Chadwick
2nd Lunesdale Clover Mrs J Fariburn
3rd Barnedend Jack The Lad Miss S Forsman
Class 28 - Intermediate Working Hunter
1st Drybarrows Len FP 50051G Miss M Shepherd
2nd Albiechapel Romany King Dr and Mrs C Palmer
Class 29 - Open Working Hunter
1st Waverhead Rosanna II S Johnson
2nd Heltondale Bracken VII Miss M Canter
3rd Stennerskeugh Joe Mrs J Coates
Class 30 - Pony With Best Set Of Feet Shod
1st Wolds Woodcock Miss J Glass
2nd Farleton Forrest Miss C Simpson
3rd Guards Joseph Miss Swardle
Class 31 - Pony With Best Set Of Feet Which Has Never Been Shod
1st Lownthwaite Fable
2nd Farleton Phoebe Miss C Simpson
3rd Hardendale Heather Bell Mr GHB Mallinson
Class 32 - Costume Class  
1st Stennerskeugh Andy  Mrs L Clayton
2nd Lunesdale White Heather J Woolley
3rd Wolds Stud Miss J Glass
Class 33 - Olympia Qualifier 
1st Lunesdale Honey - Rider: J Robinson Mr P Metcalfe
2nd Townend Hamish - Rider: M Jackson Mrs Peet 
3rd Wolds Woodcock - Rider: J Anderson Miss J Glass


Heltondale Lucy X Cup
Lunesdale Stardust  M Rawlinson
Female Champion - Murthwaite Mulan
Reserve - Lunesdale Lady Rebecca
Male Champion - Townend Septimus
Reserve - Darrenvale Dandy
Ridden Champion - Lunesdale Mountain Princess
Reserve - Hedgethorpe Blackthorn
Briar Trophy For Best Turned Out 
J Williamson   Townend Ruffle
Lakeland Cup For Youngstock
Murthwaite Windrush
Reserve - Waverhead Princess Ii
Champion Foal - Waverhead Jubilee
Reserve - Thornbeck Samson
Fell Pony Society Challenge Cup For
The Best Filly/Gelding 3 Year Old
Likely To Make A Good Riding Type
Inglegarth Radiant


20020803_MurthwaiteMulan_BreedShow_OverallChampion.jpg (129749 bytes)
Overall Champion 

 Murthwaite Mulan

20020803_TownendSeptimus_BreedShow_OverallReserveChampion.jpg (113259 bytes)
Photo By Valerie Russell

Overall Reserve

 Townend Septimus


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