Lowther Horse Driving Trials 
and Country Fair
Saturday, 5 August 2000
Lowther, Penrith, Cumbria

Judge: Miss J M Fairburn

Mare or Gelding, 4 – 7 years old, to be shown in hand
(14 entries)

  1. Heltondale Misty IV
    (s. Tebay Campbell Ton Victor, d. Greenholme Dusty)
  2. Waverhead Pearl II
    (s. Lownthwaite Gary, d. Waverhead Pearl)
  3. Marlingdyke Mo’Cridh
    (s. Drybarrows Jeff, d. Barncrosh Molly)
  4. Wolds Black Grouse
    (s. Ralfland Victor, d. Drybarrows Eve II)
  5. Rundales Blossom
    (s. Lownthwaite Stardust, d. Longbrough Lady K)
  6. Rackwood Beauty
    (s. Tarnmoor Prince, d. Rackwood Velvet)

Mare or Gelding, 8 years old and over, to be shown in hand
(13 entries)

  1. Waverhead Petal
    (s. Heltondale Duke, d. Barbondale Petal)
  2. Barbondale Ruby
    (s. Greenfield Gay Lad, d. Barbondale Rosette)
  3. Esther Maree of Inglegarth
    (s. Townend Flash II, d. Sleddale Rosette XI)
  4. Tarnbeck Sheba
    (s. Townend Duke III, d. Townend Sorrel)
  5. Kerbeck Night Mystery
    (s.Uldale Black Raven, d. Townend Princess II)
  6. Townend Septimus
    (s. Heltondale Duke, d. Lunesdale Sandra)

Brood Mare, 4 years old or over, with own Foal at Foot
4 entries)

  1. Barbondale Petal
    (s. Waverhead Model, d. Waverhead Jewel)
  2. Lunesdale Lizzie
    (s. Lunesdale Henry, d. Lunesdale White Rose)
  3. Kerbeck Night Serenade
    (s. Frizington Duke, d. Sleddale Rosemary III)
  4. Inglegarth Lady Winifred
    (s. Tarnmoor Prince, d. Esther Maree of Inglegarth)

Best Foal
Lunesdale Amber

Yearling Colt, Filly or Gelding
(12 entries)

  1. Heltondale Roamer II
    (s. Tebay Campbell Ton Victor, d. Heltondale Bonny III)
  2. Townend Sugar II
    (s. Drybarrows Jeff, d. Townend Shula)
  3. Brackenbank Eva
    (s. Rackwood Prince, d. Barbondale Ruby)
  4. Wellbrow Lucky Lady
    (s. Wellbrow Royal Victor, d. Heltondale Lucky Girl V)
  5. Inglegarth Radiant
    (s. Heltondale Lucky Lad II, d. Inglegarth Revelation)
  6. Rundales Firefly
    (s. Rackwood Prince, d. Drybarrows Damson Blossom)

Two or Three year old Filly or Gelding
(12 entries)

  1. Lunesdale Eliza
    (s. Heltondale Mountain Mist, d. Lunesdale Lizzie)
  2. Baronshill Bailey
    (s. Townend Duke III, d. Baronshill Eternal Flame)
  3. Wellbrow Dinah
    (s. Heltondale Norman, d. Heltondale Duchess)
  4. Brackenbank Romany
    (s. Waverhead Prince II, d. Brackenbank May Blossom)
  5. Border Duchess
    (s. Lownthwaite Gary, d. Border Black Empress)
  6. Farleton Forrest
    (s. Townend Midnight, d. Greenholme Marie)

Judge: Mrs. A A D Newall

Mare, 4 year old or over, to be shown under saddle
(14 entries)

  1. Lunesdale Rosebud
    (s. Heltondale Hero, d. Lunesdale White Rose)
  2. Esther Maree of Inglegarth
  3. Marlingdyke Mo’Cridh
  4. Greenholme Kitty
    (s. Heltondale Black Prince III, d. Greenholme Jewel)
  5. Lownthwaite Bramble 
    (s. Townend Samuel, d. Lownthwaite Star Blossom)
  6. Linnel Candytuft
    (s. Linnel Reynard, d. Linnel Connie)

Gelding, 4 year old or over, to be shown under saddle
(11 entries)

  1. Lunesdale Prince Henry
    (s. Lunesdale Henry, d. Lunesdale Princess)
  2. Peepings Nutcracker
    (s. Lunesdale Jerry, d. Peepings Wild Rose)
  3. Townend Septimus
  4. Linnel Joshua
    (s. Linnel Romany Boy, d. Lownthwaite Jolly)
  5. Murthwaite Roly
    (s. Murthwaite Victor, d. Foggy Gill Brenda)
  6. Rackwood Royal
    (s. Townend Henry, d. Rackwood Dewdrop)

Lunesdale Prince Henry

Reserve Champion 
Barbondale Petal

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