Windermere Fell Pony Show

Sunday, 2 July 2000
Brockhole, Windermere, Cumbria
Judge: Mr. D Lee

The annual Windermere Fell Pony Show was held on Sunday at the Brockhole National Park Visitor Centre.  The weather has always been kind to this show but decided this year that it should make up for past aberrations.  A misty start soon developed into continuous drizzle with long periods of heavy rainfall.  This led to the cancellation of the bareback trotting race much to the disappointment of spectators and competitors alike.  Brockhole is the only remaining venue for this traditional Fell Pony event.

The show was however a resounding success.  Judge, Mr. David Lee from Halifax, commented that the quality of the animals on display was exceptionally high and that he had "not seen a bad foot all day".  Much of the hard work in preparing ponies for the show might have been considered unnecessary in such weather but the Fell Ponies at Brockhole proved that they are eye catching and able to perform spectacularly in all conditions.

By Barry Allen

Geld Mare In Hand, 4 years or over

  1. Greenholme Kitty
    (s. Heltondale Black Prince III, d. Greenholme Jewel)

  2. Moorhouse Rosie
    (s. Heltondale Lucky Lad II, d. Heltondale Pansy V)

  3. Marlingdyke Mo’Cridh
    (s. Drybarrows Jeff, d. Barncrosh Molly)

  4. Royal Derby
    (s. Gibside Danny Boy, d. Lowmoat Mary)

  5. Coppyhill Suzanne
    (s. Heltondale Ted, d. Sleddale Holly)

  6. Lownthwaite Bramble
    (s. Townend Samuel, d. Lownthwaite Star Blossom)

Gelding In Hand, 4 years or over

  1. Townend Septimus
    (s. Heltondale Duke IV, d. Lunesdale Sandra)

  2. Kerbeck Fire Prince
    (s. Firequest of Kerbeck, d. Townend Princess III)

  3. Sleddale David
    (s. Lunesdale Lucky Jim, d. Sleddale Rose XI)

  4. Tebay Vespa
    (s. Tebay Campbell Ton Victor, d. Tebay Startrek)

  5. Rackwood Royal
    (s. Townend Henry, d. Rackwood Dewdrop)

  6. Scaitcliffe Dark
    (s. Amonite Heltondale Hero, d. Hilltop Floret)


Veteran In Hand, 15 years or over

  1. Sleddale Lulu
    (s. Lunesdale Lucky Jim, d. Sleddale Beauty XXVI)

  2. Rambling Bella Donna
    (s. Waverhead Rambler, d. Waverhead Heatherbell)

  3. Dalemain Tamarisk
    (s. Dalemain Nettle, d. Low House Heather)

  4. Swindale Stroller
    (s. Sleddale King of the Fell, d. Sleddale Dainty VIII)

Brood Mare, 4 years or over (in foal or with foal at foot)

  1. Townend Dawn II
    (s. Heltondale Josh, d. Townend Dusk II)

  2. Tarnbeck Sheba
    (s. Townend Duke III, d. Townend Sorrel)

  3. Rackwood Beauty
    (s. Tarnmoor Prince, d. Rackwood Velvet)

  4. Kerbeck Night Serenade
    (s. Frizington Duke, d. Sleddale Rosemary III)

  5. Wansfell Tanya
    (s. Sleddale Mike II, d. Wansfell Breeze)

  6. North Lodge Ling
    (s. Heltondale Black Prince III, d. Summit Queen of Hearts)



  1. Kerbeck Fire Fallon (d. Kerbeck Night Serenade)

  2. Carrock Foal (d. Townend Dawn II)

  3. Wansfell Foal (d. Wansfell Tanya)

Yearling Colt, Filly or Gelding

  1. Brackenbank Eva
    (s. Rackwood Prince, d. Barbondale Ruby)

  2. Brackenbank Poppy
    (s. Rackwood Prince, d. Lownwaite Lapis)

  3. Wellbrow Lucky Lady
    (s. Wellbrow Royal Victor, d. Heltondale Lucky Girl V)

  4. Heltondale Roamer II
    (s. Tebay Campbell Ton Victor, d. Heltondale Bonny III)


Two Year Old Filly or Gelding

  1. Townend Carly II
    (s. Drybarrows Jeff, d. Townend Candy II)

  2. Baronshill Bailey
    (s. Townend Duke III, d. Baronshill Eternal Flame)

  3. Farleton Forrest
    (s. Townend Midnight, d. Greenholme Marie)

  4. Wansfell Treasure 
    (s. Heltondale Ted, d. Wansfell Tanya)

Three Year Old Filly or Gelding

  1. Brackenbank Romany
    (s. Waverhead Prince II, d. Brackenbank Mayblossom)

  2. Wellbrow Fancy
    (s. Heltondale Rover IV, d. Lunesdale Mountain Maid)

  3. Waterside Dainty
    (s. Lunesdale Jerry, d. Heltondale Dainty VII)

  4. Wansfell Jason
    (s. Heltondale Ted, d. Wansfell Candy)


In Hand Champion
Townend Dawn II

In Hand Reserve
Brackenbank Eva

Ridden Mare, 4 years or over

  1. Greenholme Kitty

  2. Lownthwaite Bramble

  3. Moorhouse Rosie

  4. Kerbeck Night Mystery
    (s. Uldale Black Raven, d. Townend Princess II)

  5. Marlingdyke Mo’Cridh

  6. Rambling Bella Donna


    Ridden Gelding, 4 years or over

    1. Townend Septimus

    2. Rackwood Royal

    3. Sleddale David

    4. Kerbeck Fire Prince

    5. Scaitcliffe Dark Amonite


    Ridden Champion
    Townend Septimus

    Ridden Reserve
    Greenholme Kitty

Ridden Pairs

  1. Townend Septimus & Greenholme Kitty

  2. Kerbeck Fire Prince & Kerbeck Night Mystery

  3. Sleddale David & Marlingdyke Mo’Cridh

Trotting Race

Cancelled due to waterlogged course.

Overall Champion
Townend Dawn II

Best Veteran
Sleddale Lulu

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