The Fell Pony Society (FPS) is recognised by DEFRA in the UK as the parent society and holder of the Mother Stud Book.

Any group wishing to become an Overseas Branch must complete an application form provided by the Fell Pony Society (application form is downloadable here.)

The number of Overseas Branches recognised by the FPS in any given country is not limited to one only.

The applicant group must pledge agreement and acceptance of the following eligibility criteria laid down by the FPS.

In the case of any disagreement about the criteria for eligibility, the decision of the FPS Council shall be final .

Eligibility Criteria for formation of Overseas Branches:

The applicant group should become an Overseas Branch as recognised by the competent authority of its country, but in the absence of such an authority the Fell Pony Society will act in this capacity.

The title of the Overseas Branch must be agreed by the Fell Pony Society Council.

Overseas Branches must recognise the FPS Contact person for the relevant country as the focal point for discussion and dialogue on matters outside the normal FPS secretarial duties, and follow the hierarchy detailed below in Appendix 1.

Overseas Branches must abide by the rules in the Constitution and Byelaws of the FPS (Articles, Rules and Regulations).

Overseas Branches must agree not to take or endorse any action which will or may bring the FPS into disrepute (FPS Regulation 22); nor publicly make, or infer by association, any claims about the breed which are unsupported by the FPS.

Overseas Branches must maintain at least 1 FPS full membership within their operating committee.

The Aims and Objectives of the Overseas Branches must coincide with those of the FPS, particularly with regard to education and promotion. To this end branches must strive to promote knowledge of the breed type and may raise funds for breed promotion, and organise social gatherings and events with a view to promoting the Fell Pony.

The Overseas Branch's rules and byelaws must be presented to the FPS Contact person for the relevant country for approval by FPS Council. The Contact person for the relevant country must be notified of any alterations or amendments immediately. In the case of any disagreement about the rules and byelaws, the decision of the FPS Council shall be final.

The FPS require that ponies are presented in accordance with our showing rules (consult the FPS Showing Rules).

Overseas Branches are invited to submit an annual report of their activities to the FPS Contact person for the relevant country and to the Editor of the FPS Magazine prior to 1st April each year. (This report might include the following, for example: details of show days, promotion, education and social events and so forth. It may be printed in whole or in part in the FPS’s Autumn publication).

Overseas Branches must keep adequate accounts and send a statement annually to the FPS Contact person for the relevant country prior to 1st April each year.

Overseas Branches must operate a policy that is inclusive and be anti-discriminatory in all their workings.

Overseas Branches must sign a clause agreeing to the withdrawal of recognition and privileges by the FPS if any of the criteria are breached or not implemented within 28 days of notification of the breach by the FPS.

Note: Overseas Branches must arrange their own insurance cover (where necessary) for all events held. The FPS will not be held to be liable.

The status of each Overseas Branch will be reviewed annually by the Fell Pony Society and a certificate issued on approval.

The group may be publicly known as an Overseas Branch from the day on which it receives the Overseas Branch Certificate from the Fell Pony Society and it may continue to be so known as long as it complies with the FPS Guidelines.

An Overseas Branch Certificate will be issued to the group by the Society for one year to 1st June and will normally be re-issued each year subject to satisfactory conduct of its business by the Group.

A copy of the current year’s Overseas Branch Certificate must be publicly displayed at any events organised or attended by the Overseas Branch in its promotional capacity, and be otherwise held available for inspection by any person wishing to do so.

In return the FPS will:

Designate a member of the  FPS Council or a person co-opted by Council to act as point of contact for each country represented. These FPS Contacts will consult with each other, with the FPS Secretary and, where necessary, with FPS Council, in order to ease communication and provide appropriate support.

Provide general support and advice, and advise on education and promotion, for instance, with regard to maintaining breed type, by supplying publicity material and promotional literature.

Provide official recognition, including contact details and a link from the FPS website to the Overseas Branch’s website, subject to such restrictions that the FPS deem appropriate.

Allocate an Agenda Item to discussion of Overseas business at each full Council meeting and at the Annual General Meeting.

UPDATED by the Fell Pony Society Council, March 2024


Lines of communication in each country

organisation chart of FPS and overseas communication

Note: There may be any number of Overseas Branches (2 per country are pictured for demonstration only).

Note: FPS Council overseas contacts will consult each other and with the FPS Secretary and Council for advice.

Note: Where a Daughter Society exists, an Overseas Branch within that country will liaise with FPS via the Daughter Society. (NB – This scenario has not yet occurred.)