The Fell Pony Society (FPS) is recognised by DEFRA as the parent society and holder of the Mother Stud Book.

   Eligibility Criteria for formation of Overseas Branches:

The status of each Overseas Branch will be reviewed annually by the Fell Pony Society and a certificate issued on approval.

1. The group may be publicly known as an Overseas Branch from the day on which the official contact receives the Overseas Branch Certificate from the Fell Pony Society and may continue to be so known as long as it complies with the FPS Guidelines.

2. An Overseas Branch Certificate will be issued to the group by the Society for one year to 1st April and will normally be re-issued each year subject to satisfactory conduct of its business by the Group.

3. A copy of the current year’s Overseas Branch Certificate must be publicly displayed at any events organised or attended by the Overseas Branch in its promotional capacity, and be otherwise held available for inspection by any person wishing to do so.

In return the FPS will:

 UPDATED by the Fell Pony Society Council MAY 2015


Lines of communication in each country

Note: There may be any number of Overseas Branches (3 are pictured for demonstration only)

Note: Where a Daughter Society exists the Overseas Branches, within that country, will liaise directly with their Liaison person who in turn will liaise with the Daughter Society.

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