Submissions Guidelines for the FPS Magazine


The Magazine’s content has to fit into 100 pages or less. We would like informative articles to be around 1500 words.

Submissions by e-mail are preferred. The Editor's e-mail address is: Please use the subject header to inform me clearly what your email contains, eg, "Southern Show Results" or "Obituary for XYZ". I sometimes receive 20 or 30 emails all called "For the Magazine" - if yours is one of those, you'll have to forgive me if I lose or overlook it.

By post: Mrs S Millard, Daw Bank, Greenholme, Tebay, Penrith, Cumbria CA10 3TA, UK. Please type your piece on plain paper so that the text can be scanned into an editable form. Handwritten submissions are time consuming to process and are liable to be left out.

If your article will be longer than 1500 words please get in touch and discuss it before sending. Pony news pieces and obituaries should be about 400 words with one good photo. Longer items may be included at the discretion of the Editor if they are relevant and of interest to the Fell Pony Society. Please double-check facts before sending, especially names.

ALL material is submitted to the Fell Pony Society’s publications subject to the understanding that it may be reproduced:

• in the FPS Magazine,

• in other FPS publications and products

• and on the FPS web site.

The Magazine is normally re-published on the web site six months after publication in print.

Text submitted to the Fell Pony Society should be in one of the following formats:

• .TXT plain ASCII text

• .DOC eg, MS Word 2003 or earlier, without formatting

• .DOCX eg, MS Word 2010 or earlier without formatting

• .ODT Open Office Writer file without formatting

• .XLS MS Excel spreadsheet (eg, for show results)

.PDF and .WPS are not accepted.

There are very specific settings for the Magazine text which keep its "look" consistent, so you need not spend time on special layouts or fonts, which will only end up being removed.

Show Results

Please don’t use tabs to create tables or columns of show results. Make life easy for yourself and for me and the Office: simply list the items, one entry per line, in a normal page of text. An Excel or Open Office spreadsheet is equally acceptable so long as you put each entry into ONE cell. Don’t leave gaps, empty cells, empty rows or empty columns. (Columns can be widened or text can be wrapped within the cell. Ask me how, if you need to.) Don’t include show entry numbers. Don't list entries that didn't turn up. List your Show Supreme Champion and Reserve AT THE END please.


Where references are necessary, they should be indicated in the text by the surname of the writer and year of publication thus (Jones, 2012) OR by a number in brackets thus (2). Superscript or automatically generated endnotes will be lost when I reformat for print.

The FPS reserves the right to

• accept or reject material submitted without being bound to give reasons to the writer

• require the writer to make changes before the material is reconsidered

• copyfit material to the space available, by:

• reducing the number or size of images,

• cutting or moving text or headings,

• removing irrelevancies, tautologies and redundancies.

• correct the grammar, spelling and punctuation in line with publication standards

• reformat text appearance in line with publication standards.


The Magazine only uses colour photographs on the covers, inside covers, or centre pages. We reduce other photographs to black and white for the main pages. Your digital photograph does not need to be wider than 1600 pixels. Please name your photos meaningfully eg PIC3_PRINCESS_ELIZ_DRIVING_W_GYPSY.JPG.

If image positions are important in relation to the text of an article, they should be indicated by inserting the image file name in CAPITAL LETTERS at the point where the photograph is relevant.

Please DO NOT send your digital image as part of a word-processed document or PowerPoint slideshow. Just send a .jpg please. Don't allow your email program to resize your image unless you can stick to the guidelines given above.

It is helpful to send each image as an attachment to a single email that contains its caption information: ie, if you are sending 4 images and the article, you should send 5 emails in all and use the email headers to indicate what the attached file refers to.

Hard-copy commercial prints, from 5 inches wide up to A4 size, can be posted for scanning. Please enclose an SAE if you want them returned.



AUTUMN - 1st September (this may change to 1st October in 2019).

SPRING - 1st February.

The Magazine must be put together and proof-read and any corrections made before it goes to the printers. The printers' turnaround time also has to be factored in, plus Office has to envelope and post the Magazine in time for you to receive your Notice and Agenda three weeks before any FPS General Meeting. Therefore, copy that arrives late will be held over to the next issue.

Editor, Sue Millard

Updated 15 October 2018